July 8, 2022

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WOKE MAGIC PODCAST Ep.03 – How i Started My Spiritual Biz 

💫 SPELLCAST: May every soul who hears and/or experiences my spiritual business startup story be empowered to forge their own. And so it is. 🙏🏽

Transcript + Tips On How You Can Start Your Own Spiritual Business


Today is a BIG DAY!!! Okay so ….

When i first left my day job back on July 8, 2016, i was working for myself but i was still seeking and taking “jobs.” i was more freelance writer–taking op-ed jobs at BET, Curve Magazine, Global Grind, and starting my own column at The Dallas Voice, than HWIC. Because that’s genuinely what i really thought i wanted to do–be a full-time writer. 

i also book drag shows, judged and performed at pageants at local and national levels because, like writing, i thought that was what i wanted to do. 

Both of these things were true but i also was craving and searching for something more. 

And between the freelance writer and drag artist and the birth of WOKE MAGIC, things got messy and murky. i took on a TON of odd jobs to make ends meet–web design, newsletter creation, copywriting for online entrepreneurs, grant writing for dance artists, drag makeup classes, ebook creation, book, life, and drag coaching. i was hustling to make money while simultaneously hoping to stumble upon and magically click into THE THING that i was meant to do. 

And then my dog, Simon, died. (You can listen to my podcast episode about this HERE.)

And in my grief, pain, and disbelief i found myself reaching for the one thing i always found myself turning to when things got rough…metaphysics. Spirituality. Magic. Specifically, my tarot cards and Rebecca Campbell’s book Light Is The New Black

i had bought and read the book when it first came out in 2015 and then just as quickly forgot about it. But after Simon’s death, my soul found its way to it again. It didn’t take me long to piece together what all this meant. i knew the moment that the first sentence hit my heart that between the murkiness i was experiencing about my career, the dip in my cash flow, and now Simon’s death that there was only one possibility, one path left unexplored. 

The path with heart. The path with soul–of the soul. The same path i’d been quietly and cautiously venturing down since i was eight and my father pointed up to the stars and brought down their shapes and stories into my orbit. The same path that called me to pick up my first astrology book at 13,  my first tarot deck at 22, and had garnered me my first and only nickname, Witchy Poo by my Manager Leslie at Barnes and Noble. 

It was also the same path that i was deeply afraid to claim and call my own–let alone say yes to as a career. 

And yet there i found myself in the crossroads, bisect with paths of “more of the same” or coming out of yet another closet–the spiritual, magical, mystical one. 

i slowly started to do tarot readings and spiritual coaching on the DL for a few months after Simon’s death. And when i found myself starting to get serious about making spirituality and magic my career a new teacher appeared. 

Asha Frost. 

i was granted a scholarship and i spent 3 months in her group medicine mentorship program in Fall 2019. She not only helped me reclaim and respark my connection to my indigenous roots, my ancestors, and my grandmother’s medicine but, through her work, i found my first two clients as an out and proud queer indigenous medicine womxn. She gifted me my spirit name Activation of the Sacred Flame Womxn and through her modeling what Indigenous courage looks like helped me activate and find my own. 

i bloomed in her presence and i deeply and gratefully credit her medicine for setting me on the path i’m on today. 

During the second month of the mentorship, i was deep in a meditation journey when two words floated into my orbit and passed my third eye, woke magic. And i knew right then and there that this was my future, my meant-for-me purpose that i had left my day job 3 years earlier to find. 

But it didn’t get any easier once clarity had struck. In fact, it only got more real, more complex, and more demanding in coming face to face with my shadows . . .

But that’s a story for another time. (i began that story log in the sneak episode called The Fool of this podcast)

The medicine for folks like us who are born multi-passionate, born Renaissance souls, and love doing (and are good at) so many things is this: 

Keep going. Let it be messy. Keep throwing your heart at it and in it. Trust your process and the proof laid out in your life (because you’ve gotten this far) that there will be a point where all of it will converge, will alchemize and make sense. Surround yourself with a Coven of folks who are venturing down the same heart-soul path as you. Be on the lookout for mentors and teachers. Stay open and ready to receive. 


And keep sharing, learning, growing, evolving, arting along the way. 

It WILL happen for you. I know it. I believe it. 

The only question now is, do you?

i’m here to help in any way–tarot reading, activation session, welcoming you into our budding community–i can. 🙏🏽

As i celebrate today my 6th year of being self-employed (and my 1st full year of WOKE MAGIC which officially became a business on June 14, 2021), i’m in awe of how my life, art, and business look so much different than when i started. It feels so much different. And i bow in deep gratitude for the long and winding roads, the processes, and trust that have gotten me here. 

But most of all, i bow in love and gratitude FOR YOU. 🙇🏽‍♀️

Without YOU WOKE MAGIC would not be possible. 

And this next year, i am radically and whole-heartedly committing to helping you build a business, art, and magic–ultimate a life and world–that you love. i’m going to share everything with you; i’m holding nothing back. 

i’m about to reinvent what being a spiritual business owner + coach and serving your community means and looks like. Imma bout to break ALL the rules. 

Here’s hoping you’ll join me! 

i love you all so so much.

In Lak’ech,


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Recap & Takeaways

🔮 Starting your own Spiritual Business is a life path and journey. Trust yourself and your process.

🔮 What are you feeling called to begin or continue? Use your answer to shape your days and your days will soon shape your life.

🔮 Listen to the accompanying episodes (especially the Let it Be Messy). What areas of your life do you need to open up to make space for miracles?

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