As this year begins to come to a close, i’ve been thinking A LOT about where i want to go from here, what i want to do, and – after concentrating on USofA drag for so long – where i want to put all that energy and focus into next once i give up my title in March.
i’m the kind of person that starts to think about what’s next even before the current chapter ends – sometimes i’ll even sneak a peek and read a few pages ahead 🙂 .
So what is next? What am i letting go of and what am i bringing into the new year?
Here’s what i’m letting go of:

:: Negative thoughts
:: Procrastination
:: Excuses
:: Clothes, books and other house items. (i’ve taken on a MAJOR winter cleansing of my house + goods to make room for new things.)
:: At least one hour of T.V. watching a day

Here’s what i’m bringing with me into 2015:

:: Positive vibes, thoughts and energy. We attract what we think and i want nothing but success and positive juju in 2015.
:: Creating and implementing new habits. Research shows that if you repeat something for 13 weeks it’s yours forever.
:: Financial independence.
:: Reading at least 1 hour a day. i’ve committed 2015 to growth in all areas – my art, my business, my blog and myself.
:: Daily yoga practice. i got out of this ritual a while back and it’s something i’ve missed dearly ever since.

 Here are some of the many goals i’ve set for myself in 2015:

 :: Read at least 50 books
:: Do 5 things a day for 365 days that will move me closer to my dreams (a more in-depth blog post on this is coming)
:: Self publish in March my top secret book i’ve been working on.
:: Start my lash line (it’s been a loooooooooong time coming!)
:: New blog series on unconventional creatives and entrepreneurs

It’s also around this time where i start thinking about what my 3 focus words for the new year will be. My words for 2014 were:
2014 Brandi Amara Skyy Journey Words
i think i’m bringing hustle back in 2015, but i’m still contemplating it and the other two.
How about you? With only 31 days left what are you leaving behind in 2014 and what new things are you bringing with you in 2015? What goals have you set?
i made this free little ditty for you to scribble your musings on. Get it here. Whatever it is you want to do, get it down on paper, put it out in the universe and hold yourself accountable.
If you’re like me and need a little help (aka kick in the ass) find an accountability partner and periodically check in with each other to follow up on how those 2015 goals are coming along. i’m still searching for my partner in crime so if you’re looking to make 2015 as fierce + flawless as i am drop me a line!
Here’s to making some UH MAZ ING shit happen in 2015 and finding the perfect accountability buddy!!!
Love, light + getting shit done,
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