i’m a Capricorn. Capricorns ALWAYS have a plan (just ask my partner).
So of course i had a birthday plan: work really hard for a few months to build my website and then BAM! Launch it on my birthday. It was going to be the ultimate birthday present to myself—my own glittery corner in cyberspace crafted to my desires.
But the universe had other plans (as she always does).
The site’s back end ended up taking a little bit longer than I thought (or prepared for) and (obviously) is not ready to launch.
Needless to say, i was bummed and a little upset.
But once the dust settled and i accepted that the site just wasn’t going to happen; it opened up a space for what could happen. And that space unearthed the real reason why i was so bummed that the launch was not happening:
i wasn’t going to be able to share with you the post I was SOO excited about (and was really the core reason behind wanting to launch on the day of my birth) my birthday gratitude + wishes list.
But i found a way to share it anyway. It may not be embedded in my fancy new website like i envisioned, but here it is. And I’m happy.
Normally i keep my birthday wishes to myself, but this year i want to try something a little different – put myself out there and see where the universe guides me to land.
Because my ultimate wish at 36 is connection.  Connecting. To you. To others. To dreamers. To clients. To artists. To dragsters. To glam lovers. To creatives. To the world. To the universe. To myself.
And we cannot connect without first being a point of connection. So here is mine.
Happy Birthday to ME!

36 things that I am extremely grateful + thankful for over the last year of my life:


  1. New people in my life + old lifelong friends.
  2. My first drag pageant win, Miss Oklahoma Diva USofA, + new additions to my drag family.
  3. My health.
  4. Quite moments with my partner away from the everyday noise.
  5. The fruition of a lifelong dream: to start my own drag magazine.
  6. My partner who is more than just a lover and best friend; she is my soul.
  7. That I put myself out there … in world … despite my fears.
  8. Eyelash glue.
  9. The unearthing + discovery of new dreams, goals, and visions … and then acting on them.
  10. Finding other likeminded dreamers, darers +doers.
  11. True Food Kitchen (yes, it IS THAT good).
  12. Every breath that I have taken, every morning eye opening, and every nanosecond I have been gifted life by the universe.
  13. Emotional purges via Cosmic performance art.
  14. Finding balance + authentic happiness.
  15. People believing in the vision and taking a chance on me.
  16. Being a judge at the infamous San Francisco Faux Queen Pageant.
  17. For my drag community and all the love + support that they have and continue to show for me.
  18. For emerging dragsters, writers + creatives; you make me want to be a better artist.
  19. All the activists at the front lines that have worked endlessly for my right to marry my beautiful partner.
  20. Women who refuse to be treated like second class citizens and ask tough questions.
  21. That I trust myself.
  22. That I trust the universe enough to jump.
  23. Rekindling my love affair with belly dancing.
  24. Having the means + resources to visit countries and beaches that I had only before seen in magazines and on the Travel Channel.
  25. Lisa Frank anything.
  26. Finding silent/secret mentors.
  27. For the health of my four children: Simon, Zen, Crash + Cayman.
  28. Eos lip balm (+ other natural chapsticks).
  29. For the kind of partnership + home life that provides the kind of foundation one needs in order to take the risks needed to be/do great things. I am eternally grateful for you, C.
  30. Music. It feeds my creativity.
  31. The kind words of others—know that they are never taken for granted. I carry them in my pocket always.
  32. New experiences, new opportunities + new and endless possibilities.
  33. My family and extended family. To their health + unlimited happiness.
  34. Hindsight. Reflection. Immersion. Intention.
  35. This amazing and magical planet that I am blessed to live on–may I leave nothing but a beauty mark on your surface.
  36. And (of course) rhinestones.

36 Birthday wishes for me, you, the universe


I Wish …


  1. For more glitter + glam in my life and yours!
  2. For LOVE to be legal in ALL states.
  3. (really really hard) for a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl!
  4. For a new Flo album – I (and every other Florence + Machine fan) have waited LONG enough!!!
  5. For courage for/in whatever/wherever you need it the most.
  6. For authentic soul-feeding happiness for all those who seek it.
  7. For everyday magic.
  8. For my lashes (top AND bottom) to ALWAYS go on perfectly the first time I put them on.
  9. For more moments of infiniteness + connection.
  10. That we would all give just a little bit more of ourselves for the greater good.
  11. For boundless creativity for everyone.
  12. For the universe to get Pluto back as a planet.
  13. To be more present in the moment. Every moment.
  14. For you to do that thing that scares you the most. Don’t think. Just do it.
  15. For simplicity.
  16. For us to stop hurting animals, our planet, ourselves.
  17. To inspire + ignite other peoples passions, creativity, brilliance, and greatness.
  18. For unicorns!!!!!!!!!!
  19. For all of us to become aware and see our privileges in an effort to make the universe a better place for EVERYONE.
  20. For more nakedness. In our art, our words, our performances (and the bedroom :))
  21. For someone to make and bring me my coffee every morning.
  22. For you to find whatever it is you are looking for.
  23. For more female remakes of T.I. songs.
  24. For more pave makers instead of road followers.
  25. To be able to always see beauty where there is none.
  26. To win Miss Diva USofA.
  27. For everyone to have and experience a love like this.
  28. That Hollywood would stop remaking 80’s movies.  #thereisonlyonebratpack
  29. To create my own universe.
  30. For more music that makes you stop whatever it is you’re doing to have a mini concert (or drag show in my case) in your room.
  31. For a Winnebago, my partner + an open road.
  32. To be the best partner I can be, for her. Always.
  33. To live life panoramically.
  34. To be okay in stillness.
  35. For all of us to find our “Rainbow Connection.”
  36. For an endless supply of E600 and (of course) rhinestones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!