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500 Books. 500 Hands. 500 Hearts. 500 Transformations. 

That’s my soul goal for the Spring First edition of this book. Because i know (and so do a few other beta testers) that this book of magic has the potent potential to transform your life–from the inside out. In a way that deeply doesn’t just “stick” but integrates into your entire being. And infuses your entire life with magic. 

This book demands that we go inside for the answers while also simultaneously continuing to connect and build relationships to the natural world, the elementals, and the animal allies around us. Every day. 

It’s a book of spells. Your spells. It’s a book of synchronicities, daily tarot companions, and Dark and Full Moon reflections. A Memorium of your magical, divine, medicine life. It is a book of magic. Your magic.

And we all want magic–why else would be here? I’m sure you can think of a lot of answers to that question that don’t have to do with magic, but the underlying vibe of everything (whether it’s money, family, a girlboss/boiboss/non-binary boss career) is magic. The magic of being alive. The magic of creation. The magic of connection. The magic of abundance. The magic of love. THE MAGIC OF DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE–OF ALL THOSE THINGS THEY SAID YOU NEVER WOULD.

This book is a daily ritual and communion with all the above–and all the below ;).

It will guide you through engagement in life in a new seasonal and lunar way. Every calendar, every new chapter in this book begins and ends with the lunar zodiac cycle. Every volume begins and ends with the seasons. 

We live in a totally dominated solar world. And while i love the Sun as much as my next Aztec familia and my Capricorn Sun double Leo self, our divine feminine (vibe not gender-specific) has asked to be a guest at our life party. It is asking to be invited front and center. It’s why so many of us are turning to moon rituals. It’s why astrology, tarot, and witchcraft have become so popular and trendy and you can find crystals at TJ Maxx. Because we intuitively know that we’ve been missing the companion half of our natural way.  

And i’ve channeled the designed the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire to honor our wild, sacred, and instinctual need to howl at the moon. 

Completely transforming our lives (which is my mission in life to help all of us do) really means that we have to go about living, thinking, and engaging in our daily lives in a different–perhaps even an upside down (hello The Hanged One and Uranus!) way.

And the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire requires nothing less than total realignment by reflecting in so that we can shine out.

Nothing about this Grimoire is solar-based. We have a plethora of planners, calendars, and magic books that center the Sun.

But that doesn’t mean that it lacks the passion and wildness of fire. 

That’s the element YOU bring to it. 

This Grimoire wants you to bring your dreams. Bring your wishes of magic. Bring your fractured selves. All are welcomed here. All will find the magic they seek. 

When i was little i used to wish so badly for someone to come and anoint me a witch, label me ‘special.’ But what i’ve learned on this 20+ path of magic, medicine, and creativity is that no one can bestow you the gift of magic. 

You have to earn it from yourself. From YOUR connection to the divine, Spirit, God, the Uversive, Allah.

This Grimoire is the ultimate doorway to magic–as defined, lived, and anointed by you. 

It’s pure magic folxs. Pure heartfelt magic. From mi corozan to tu corozon. 

You can purchase the Spring edition of the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire by heading over to here.

i promise you it will be the best life investment of the year.

If we hit my goal of 500 and you’ve purchased a copy of the Spring edition (or all 4!), then we will throw a magic-themed virtual party! 

i have gone from a life centered in ego, fame, and pessimism to a life seeped in magic, creativity, art, and transformation. And i want to share all the magic that’s available and around us with millions of folxs.

And that’s all i want for you. All the magic. All the love. All the connection. All the greatest, bounty, abundance, beauty that this life has to offer. 

Nothing major ya know?! 🤣

This is one way i can help you get there. And i know it works because it’s awakened me to the depths of my possibility, art, and magic. 

i hope you’ll join me on the WOKE MAGIC path!

And i’ll see you in the book bonuses!

Mucho mas 🖤💡✊🏾🐍