In 2014, i created the first 30-day Instagram drag challenge and it was sooooo much fun! So why not bring the communal drag fun back?
In case it wasn’t obvious enough, All Hallows Eve is my favorite time of the year and drag is my favorite creative expression . . .  So, i thought LET’S COMBINE THE TWO! And ta-da! Our latest 30 drag challenge was born::





Only this time i decided not to do any kind of explaining like i did the last time (see it here). Because drag, like life, is at its best when left up to one’s personal interpretation. The only thing i will say is this:
There are 4 makeup challenges. All on Sundays (Oct. 8, 15, 22, 29). All highlighted in pink. October 27 and 28 are highlighted because these prompts lead into the final Halloween makeup challenge on the 29th and are a way to share your process with the world . . . Or not. Entirely up to you how you want to express yourself on those two days 🙂 .
And just like drag, there are no rules to this challenge. You can play along daily. Skip a day and come back. Or just pick the ones you like and do those! Up to you. The point is to have fun, share your love of the art of drag with the world, and hone your craft.
It all starts tomorrow!
Rev up your engines dragsters. October is going to be an awesome ride!
In love, light and much drag,


P.S. Don’t forget to use #halloweendragchallenge on Instagram so we can share in bask in all your drag goodness!