How To Create A Morning Ritual

i’m going to let you in on a little secret.

These past 3 weeks we’ve been talking about creating and putting together a toolkit to help ground, center, and help you create during this time and beyond. 

i’ve talked about morning/am pages, mediation, and tarotall of these things are the spine of my Morning Ritual. 

A Morning/AM ritual is something you do every single day to ground yourself, your mind, your soul, your heart before you jet off into the world,  go to work, pick up the phone, create. 

Or in our current stay-at-home time, before you go about your day.

Your morning ritual is the thing that centers you in you before you get inundated by outside influences. This is especially important nowwhen we and our systems are being bombarded with an influx of news alerts, constant change, and new ways of living. 

Finding your flow and creating your am ritual is something that will take time. Mine has evolved over the last year and is still evolving. 

Suggestion For Creating A Morning Ritual

My biggest suggestion i can give you is this:

Pick and put in things in your AM ritual that light you up. That feels like the very core of you that makes you feel good. 

Try a few things for a week.

Then another few things.

Keep refining until those things that want to be there, that just organically stickand everything else that excess and extra slowly fades and phases itself out.

And if you need a little help getting started, try picking your favorite tool out of the ones i’ve shared this month (am pages, tarot, meditation) and build from there. 

Borrow mine. (Download the FREE Cheatsheet with suggestions + a peek at my AM Ritual HERE.)

Or start from scratch. 

Today just set a timer for 5 minutes (use your morning pages!!) and brainstorm your answer to this question:

If i was already living my best life and i could start my day in any way i wanted, what would i include? What would i do? What wouldn’t i do?

Once you get everything down, pick one thing that you can easily integrate into your AM tomorrow. 

Every week, try adding another element (or the spirit of the element) into your day.

And, again, if you want a little more guidance or would like to see a few examples of how to integrate your elements, download the FREE cheatsheet HERE.  

Creating an AM ritual is one of my favorite topics and i have tons of stuff i want to share with you around this topiclike how i used astrology to create my current AM ritualso don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. i’ve got ya covered.

Until then, i loved to hear what your am rituals are and answer any Qs you might have surrounded it. Drop them in the comments below!

In 🖤💡✊🏾



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