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Listen to Ep. 11 How To Use Tarot (or ANY divination tool!) To Help Your Creativity!

My Daily Tarot Ritual


One of the things i haven’t talked a lot about in life is spirituality and the role spirituality, faith, ritual play in my life. 

But this COVID crisis is calling me to change that. i’m writing a piece now (if it’s not out by the time you’re reading/listening to this) where i dive deeper into coming out of the spiritual closet. 

And i guess you can say that today’s podcast is a step towards that as well.

Because i wouldn’t be being 100 with you if i didn’t let you in on THE tool that has helped me the most both during this crazy timeand really for the last year of my life. The tarot. 

Every morning as part of my AM ritual (the final tool we will be jiving about next week), i hold a question in my mind or simply ask the universe to use the cards to tell me something i need to know or hear. Then i shuffle the deck and pick one.

From there, i read and journal about the card, trying to find ways to connect the meaning of the card with my question or what is going on with my life. 

(Watch the video to see a peek into my tarot ritual.)

What this small little ritual has done for me is strengthen my connection to the divine/god/source/the universe whatever word feels best to you, but also to myself. To my own intuition and my own ability to create meaning and ritual based on my own self, my own flow, my own internal knowledge and ways of knowing.

Why This Is Important For Artists/Creatives:

Because in all honesty, this connection is what art, what creation, what expression is really abouttrusting your own vision enough, trusting what you see in your mind or heart’s eye and bringing that to life on the stage, on paper, on canvas. Whatever. 

This daily ritual of pulling a card has helped me deepen and sharpen my relationship to myselfand that intuitive, inner, part of me that i tap into when i write, perform, and create. 

Because in the end, creativity is honest, open, communion with yourself.

But the takeaway from this episode isn’t, “Go out and buy a tarot deck” if that tool doesn’t feel like a home space for you. 

The takeaway is finding your own way to personally commune with the divine creative within you and the divine creator that exists all around you. 

And finding a vehicle that will help and encourage you to do that daily. 

“Well, isn’t that what mediation is all about?” You might be asking. Um, yes and no.

Meditation is about connecting with yourself, yes, but meditation is more about receiving, about being open, and just being present.

What i’m talking about here with tarot in this tool is DAILY communication, relationship, communion, co-creation with divine source—both internal & external.

The tarot deck is one of my personal vehicles that helps me do that. But i’ve also found a beautiful set of oracle cards that tap that source too. 

But for my mom, her daily communion source is different. Hers comes in the form of a daily bible devotional that has bite-sized reading and quotes. 

And it could be totally different for you. For you, it could be a 5 minute Bible, Bhagavad Gita, or Torah, reading. 

Or something else entirely. 

The vehicle doesn’t matter as much as your ability to commune through it. 

The point is to tap into the part of you that constructs and creates all your beliefs about yourself, your ability, and the world around you. That space that you tap into when you are in the flow of creativity. 

The goal of this tool is to find a way to fill and tap into that well daily so that you won’t have to wait for inspiration to strike to write, paint, color, or whatever because in practicing and communing with your chosen tool daily you know exactly where inspiration lives. How to tune in, tap in, and turn it on. 

Today, just ask yourself

What have you always been drawn to?

What divination tools are you curious about?

Oracle cards? The bible? Tarot? What feels like a bridge to that divine space within you?

And then just take one tiny step to bring your chosen vehicle into your life. 

In love, light, and communion,


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Tarot of the Dead My personal tarot deck (out of print)

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