By Shepard Fairey

We the people are resilient. We will survive. We will overcome. And we will thrive by showering the world and each other with support, anger, resistance, connection, and most importantly love.
As we move into a new set of energies for the next four years tomorrow, i wanted to create a roundup of the best anti-Trump things around the internet.
Know of a website, product, call for submission, book — anything, that you believe should be on this list? Email me at brandi @ and i will add it.
We will get through this together. 

1. Meditate on your horoscope’s inauguration affirmation by Chani Nicolas.
2. Read your Astrological Trump Survival Guide by Seagoat.
3. Check out these cool social commentary found art comics and maybe post one or two on your social media.
4. Get your Trump Survival Kit on
5. Donate to your local Planned Parenthood in honor of Mike Pence.
6. Know your rights — we’re all gonna need it.
7. Make art. Art as activism. Create. Or in the words of one of my favorite writers Chuck Wendig, art harder mother fucker. 
8. Fill your years with this awesome anti-Trump soundtrack. (You’ll need a Spotify account to listen — it’s free and 100% worth it!!)
9. Block all things Donald Trump bullshit by adding the most awesome Google Chrome extension ever made, Make America Kittens Again. Replaces all Trump photos with oh-so-cute kittens.
10. Support the resistance. Order a copy of Resist – a radical feminist comic book.
11. Check out Oh Crap! What Now? for a crowdsourced Trump survival guide, checklists, orgs to support, and things to do.
12. Read Gene Stone’s new book The Trump Survival Guide (Yes, he was the author of The Bush Survival Guide. i had that one too).
13. Send this awesome Rebel Well Starter Survival Guide for a Trumped America to every teen and emerging adult you know!
14. If you insist on watching the inauguration circus, at least play this awesome Trump inauguration drinking game courtesy of Cocktails for Survival.
15. Expand your Cards Against Humanity deck with the Humanity Hates Trump deck extension.
16. Check out this slideshow of World of Wonder’s Surviving Trump: The Art of Resistance.