Autumn Intention Setting, Personal Mirrors, & Libra Season

Hello there beautiful sparklers!

This is another off-the-cuff-just-hit-record-and-go episode. 

In this episode, i give you a peek into my own autumn equinox ritual and reflection i’ll be doing today. And i’ll give you a few explorations, questions, and praxis-es to help you create and build your own.


1. What are the mirrors in your life? And what are they reflecting back at you?

2. Are those mirrors nourishing your soul and feeding your body?

3. How is what you are doing right now in your life impacting the whole?

Libra seasons asks us to reflect on the justice we are living out in our livesboth daily and in the ways we express our voice and vote.

i also want to invite you to join my free community where we will be taking all this convo, growth, and learning further…together. 

i created a free community called, Mi Gente Community, so we can take all this out of the ether and bring it into our real lives and desire to connect deeply with other people like us.

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i also created a video that dives deeper into the energy of the week and the tarot card i drew for the Mi Gente Collective & Community. 

i hope that you find multiple things in all this goodness to serve and light your path. 

Mucho mas autumn and Libra season blessing to you mi gente! 


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