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i woke up this morning and told myself today was going to be a million dollar day.
Turns out today would be worth so much more.
i came out when i was 16 at a time when i wasn’t even really sure what that meant.¬†
i came out to my parents the night of the 2004 George W. Bush presidential election. Intuitively, i sensed that his election would have a massive impact on our community – what i didn’t realize was how close to home that intuition would fall.
We all have our own stories. We’ve all walked our own journey in oppression.
But today . . .
Today a big historical piece of that has been lifted. 
Today i celebrate with my partner, my community, and most importantly myself. 
Today we won – over every snicker, every disapproving look, every denied entry, and every stab of faith.
Today every act of violence, hate, and bigotry in our history has been met with love.
Today love wins.
Today the majority of our Supreme Court sided with love.
And because of today, love will always win.
Thank you Sotomayer, Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kennedy for letting love rule.
Love, light, and life full of love,

P.S. A few months later, my partner and i would sit down and ask my parents for their blessing on our union. This is that story.