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Welcome to week four of our branding for artists, creative entrepreneurs, & performers mini-video training!

Can you believe it’s already Week Four?!?! i hope that you have been having as much fun as i have sharing all this greatness with you & reading and seeing you + your brand grow!

Today is a BIG DAY! And one that i’ve been looking forward to for THE ENTIRE SERIES!

That’s because this week you are going to learn about the #1 thing you and your brand need to have. Ready for it? i am!

Here’s everything you need to know about Branding for Artists, Performers, & Creatives Video Lesson 4!

SHORT Summary

A fuller in-depth summary of the lesson four’s video + your brand work can be found in the Show Notes. You can download them below or in the video description on YouTube. 

DYING to know what that one thing is?!?! Here’s a little hint:

Google yourself.

Seriously. Google yourself.

What are the top 5 sites that come up?

Now here’s the real tea: If your website IS NOT THE FIRST THING to pop up you’re doing it all wrong! Because every performer, artist, creative, and/or entrepreneur needs a website. A home all of their own. Why?

Because . . .

1. Remember Friendster? MySpace?Social media comes and goes. As technology advances and evolves so does our social media. But a website, will never go out of style.

2. With the world moving to a digital format, owning your own space (i.e. your own name) is even more important to your brand because online is the FIRST place people will search you out.

3. YOU will be in 100% control of your brand and imagine. When your website is the first thing that pops up, people will be more inclined to click on that — something that you have crafted to be an online version of yourself — than something someone else has published (including social media).

4. Plus if you want to sell things, your website is THE place you want peeps to go because what do you want to create for them? An EXPERIENCE. And your website is the only place you have complete control over to do just that.

Once i got my website, it changed not just how people related and saw me and my business but how i saw myself. That’s because it takes a lot of delving and getting to know oneself in the physical realm to translate that into an online brand. And like your brand, it will evolve as you do.


Today’s brand Work 


1. Watch today’s lesson


Click on the above picture to go directly to the video. Or click here. 


2. Download and print off your Show Notes here.

Your Show Notes are where you’ll find a recap + other goodies that i don’t mention in the video — including your homework for today.

These Show Notes are meant to be supplementary to the video and deepen what you’re learning. 

You can download today’s Show Notes here.


3. Share your assignment in the video comments.

i will be swinging by periodically and answering any questions you have! The catch is that i will only answer questions in the YouTube comments NOT here.

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