I want my audience to “get” what I do. 

I want to be able to make enough money as a performer/artist/creative/freelancer, etc. to quit my day job.

I want to see my name in lights . . .  (Oh wait! That’s me 😉 ).

All jokes aside, whenever i send out surveys to my tribe, these are always the top responses i get back when i asked them what their artistic, performance, and creative goals are. And, sure, we’ve all heard about being and having a brand, but we don’t exactly where or how to start branding what we do.

Like most creatives (myself included), the artists and creatives in my orbit want to create the kinds of performances and things that will not only mean something but will also help them get to where they want to go. And that end is more often than not to be able to make a living doing what they love.

And to tell you the truth? It’s hard out there for a creative pimp! Because there’s a lot of noise in the world, a lot of social distraction, and a lot of people trying to do the exact same thing as you — become a fully booked, fully paid performer/creative.

So you have to stand out.

You have to be memorable.

You have to sell not just your performance and art — you have to sell yourself. 

You have to sell your brand while making & creating consistent art.

But they don’t teach you that in “art” school. Nope. Instead, anyone who wants to make money off their art, performance, or writing aka their dreams are labeled “sell-outs.”

Fuck That Brandi Amara Skyy

Our creative work as performers, writers, artists, and the dreamers of dreams are just as valuable as capitalistic jobs — maybe even more so. And i don’t know about you, but i want to get paid (well) for the shit i do and perform.

And i want YOU to be valued and paid well too.

Which is why i created this free 5-week branding mini-training, Branding for Artists, Creatives, and Performers, so you can learn how to brand what you do so you can become the (paid) star that you are — AND become a total sell-out.

Sell-out of your bookings. Sell-out of every product in your store. Sell-out of whatever the gig is you are selling.


It all goes down on my YouTube channel, BTV, and right here on the blog!


Here’s how it works:

Every Wednesday for 5 weeks, i’ll be sharing key tips, advice, and action steps that will help you know, grow, and sell your brand in a video on BTV (my YouTube channel)

Each video will be accompanied by a blog post here that talks a little about the day’s lesson and links to the ShowNotes — a downloadable PDF workbook where your assignments + a summary of the lesson and links to deepen what you’re learning. You can also download your daily ShowNotes in the video description on YouTube.

Once you complete your assignment, share it in the video comments because i’ll be popping in to answer any questions you have!

Here’s everything you will learn all in one convenient place!

Training One: What’s this brand gig? And why do I need one?

This is where i spill the tea on why having, knowing, and sharing your brand can take you from being more of the same to everyone knowing (and remembering!) your name!

Watch the video HERE.

Read the blog HERE.

Training Two: Finding + being your own brand of art and glam.

This is where we’ll sleuth out all the beautiful uniqueness that makes you, you and will become the heart, soul, and core of your brand!

Watch the video HERE.

Read the blog HERE.

Training Three: Make a bold + brazen statement.

This is where we seal the deal and put our brand down in words that will form our artistic statement!

Watch the video HERE.

Read the blog HERE.

Training Four: The number one thing you and your brand can absolutely positively not live without.

This is where i spill the tea on what’s going to separate YOU from them — and the one thing that is the only non-negotiable for your brand. 

Watch the video HERE.

Read the blog HERE.

Training Five: How to the rule world! (Your world that is!)

This is where we take everything we’ve been doing behind-the-scenes and share + scream it from the rooftops of our social media — and our daily lives! 

Watch the video HERE.

Read the blog HERE.



Whether you desire to go from amateur to professional, start your freelance career, see your name in lights, or quit your day job, my goal is that by the end of our 5 weeks together you’ll be 5 light years closer to making your wish your reality.

And with a price tag of zero dollars what do you have to lose?

Absolutely nothing but the bullshit that has been holding you down and keeping you back.

What to do now?

1. Make sure that you subscribe to BTV to be notified when a new lesson drops (remember it’s ONE video a week over a 5 week period!).

 2. Branding is better with friends! When i first launched this in 2017 for my 1:1 clients, we had a Facebook group where we could share and bounce ideas off each other. Now that it’s public, i’ve removed the group BUT YOU CAN START YOUR OWN! Share this post with your friends (it will eventually link to ALL 5 videos in the mini-training), create your own group, and get branded TOGETHER! Here’s the link to share:


Worried about finding the time to go through this training? Check out this time training below!

i’ve got you covered there too! Check out my mini-training on How To Find the Find the Time right here on BTV!


What about you?

What are you wanting to brand? Your writing? Your drag? Your biz? Let me know in the comments below! l

i hope this training serves you in a massively productive & superstar way!

So much love, light, and success,