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WELCOME TO Week tHree OF OUR BRANDING for artists, creative entrepreneurs, & performers MINI-VIDEO TRAINING!

We are more than halfway through our branding challenge!! Can you believe it?   

And today just might be one of my favorite lessons! Why? Because this is where the rubber hits the road and we get our brands out of our heads and into the real world! YAY!

How are we doing that? By writing a manifesto!! What is a manifesto? i’m so glad you asked! Head on over to today’s lesson to find out! 

Here’s everything you need to know about Branding for Artists, Performers, & Creatives Video Lesson 3!

SHORT Summary

A fuller in-depth summary of the lesson one’s video can be found in the Show Notes. You can download them below or in the video description on YouTube. 

Remember when i said in Day One your brand is also your lifestyle? Well, this is where that concepts becomes real.

And in this video we are are going to be taking everything we learned and putting together our first bold and brazen statement about who we are and our work!

But before you start writing, let’s look at the difference between a mission statement, artist statement, and manifesto.


A mission statement is short quip that sums up your aims and values as a performer, creative, and/or biz.


An artist statement is an intro to your work, your themes, and what your work is about. It can focus on a piece or your entire body of work.


This is a declaration of your intentions, your aims, your beliefs, and your superpowers ;).

Eventually you will need all three because, as you can see, they each serve different purposes. Since this is only a 5 day challenge we are going to focus on the Manifesto/a.


Because your manifesto is the ganas (your guts) of your mission and the backbone of your brand. And your manifesto will give peeps a sneak peek at your performance/ creative/writing lifestyle and will help draw them into your brand and into what you do.

Get yo manifesto on by watching the video below!

Each of these performers and creatives have a solid brand that keeps selling their shows, their products, and themselves long after the show is over or the book is done.

And i really believe that we can sell out or book out all our shit too. And the first step to doing that is creating a unique and memorable brand.

And that’s exactly what we are going to start building today.


Today’s brand Work 


1. Watch today’s lesson


Click on the above picture to go directly to the video. Or click here


2. Download and print off your Show Notes here.

Your Show Notes are where you’ll find a recap + other goodies that i don’t mention in the video — including your homework for today.

These Show Notes are meant to be supplementary to the video and deepen what you’re learning. 

You can download today’s Show Notes here.


3. Share your assignment in the video comments.

i will be swinging by periodically and answering any questions you have! The catch is that i will only answer questions in the YouTube comments NOT here.

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