Branding for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and performers a mini video branding training on BTV by Brandi Amara Skyy Day 1 CP


Woo-hoo! We’re ’bout to get down and dirty in our branding journey and i hope you are as excited as i am!

Here’s everything you need to know about Branding for Artists, Performers, & Creatives Video Lesson 1: What is this brand gig? And why do I need one?

SHORT Summary

A fuller in-depth summary of the lesson one’s video can be found in the ShowNotes. You can download them below or in the video description on YouTube. 

What a brand REALLY is . . .

It’s all the things that make you, you — blended into what you do.

Your brand is not just your drag/performance persona, your words, your art.

Your brand is you and your lifestyle.

And guess what?


And it’s the things that people associate with you, or tell you, you remind them of {enter person here}.

It’s the way people describe you when you’re not in the room.

It’s the energy you leave behind when you walk off the stage or out of the room.

It’s your personal aura that’s going to either attract people to you and your art or repel them away.

Your brand = Your creativity or biz — AND EVERYTHING IT ENCOMPASSES!

So for us as creatives and performers, a brand = our creativity i.e. our performances, costumes, words, art, and who we are on and off the stage — or on or off the page.

Specifically, your brand is made up of the following things:

1. The stories you tell through the art you create, the worlds you write, the songs you choose to perform to along with the costumes you wear.

2. Your energy = Yourself. Who you are when no one’s looking.

3. Personal style. Day in/day out. Your POV. Your image. Your music choices. Your genre choices. The looks you choose AND the clothes you wear daily out in the world. 

Basically, your brand comes down to the choices you make.


Today’s brand Work 


1. Watch today’s lesson

Today’s lesson is a bit more robust and longer than the rest of them because i really want you to understand and feel WHY branding yourself as a performer and creative is so so important to living what you love — and making a profit off it!



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2. Download and print off your Show Notes HERE.

Your Show Notes are where you’ll find a recap + other goodies that i don’t mention in the video — including your homework for today.

These Show Notes are meant to be supplementary to the video and deepen what you’re learning. 

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i will be swinging by periodically and answering any questions you have! The catch is that i will only answer questions in the YouTube comments NOT here.

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