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Today we will be building on what you discovered yesterday about yourself and your brand. And while today’s video lesson may be short, your assignment isn’t.

That’s because today is the day you will actually BUILD your brand! 

Here’s everything you need to know about Branding for Artists, Performers, & Creatives Video Lesson 2: Discover Your Brand.

SHORT Summary

A fuller in-depth summary of the lesson one’s video can be found in the Show Notes. You can download them below or in the video description on YouTube. 

Yesterday we talked a lot about what a brand is and why as a performer and creative you need one. We also took a deep dive into our lives and all the things we love. Now we’re going to tie that in together with who we are now — and who we are striving to be.

Because today is all about finding/discovering your very own brand of you.

But before we delve into that, i wanted to take a moment and share a few examples of  what awesome performer and creative branding looks (and feels like)!


She’s not just a brand, she’s also an empire! Beyonce is known to her fans and the world as being flawless, surprising, powerful, and empowering.

She shows the world her brand and sells her Queen Bey lifestyle in the songs she sings, the lyrics she writes, the behind-the-scenes pictures and post she shares on Instagram, and in the energy she brings to the stage. Beyonce’s brand is flawless — just like she is!


Dita has gone from queen of burlesque to author, lingerie, and perfume mogul — not to mention sold-out international performer, runway model, and pin-up. Dita has taken what she does, Burlesque, and turned it into her brand — just like RuPaul has done with drag! Three words that can be used to describe her brand?

Vintage – Hollywood – Glam 

Each of these performers and creatives have a solid brand that keeps selling their shows, their products, and themselves long after the show is over or the book is done.

And i really believe that we can sell out or book out all our shit too. And the first step to doing that is creating a unique and memorable brand.

And that’s exactly what we are going to start building today.


Today’s brand Work 


1. Watch today’s lesson

Short and sweet!


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2. Download and print off your Show Notes here.

Your Show Notes are where you’ll find a recap + other goodies that i don’t mention in the video — including your homework for today.

These Show Notes are meant to be supplementary to the video and deepen what you’re learning. 

You can download today’s Show Notes here.


3. Share your assignment in the video comments.

i will be swinging by periodically and answering any questions you have! The catch is that i will only answer questions in the YouTube comments NOT here.

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