i am a SUCKER for cartoons (particularly Powerpuff Girls, South Park, Family Guy, Shirt Tales, and Jem and the Holograms) and watch them often. i was channel flipping the other day (when i should have been working – sshhh don’t tell) when i came across the most FLAWLESS episode of The Powerpuff Girls – A Made Up Story – in which Buttercup (my fav PPG of all time) became a dragged out victim of Masked-Scara.
Buttercup PPG in drag cartoon characters in drag faux queen cartoon characters
Buttercup in drag?!?!? What an AMAZING FIND! (You can stream the episode here, totally worth 21 minutes of your time because the whole town – including the Professor – end up in drag! 🙂 )
PPG The professor in drag cartoon characters in drag
Bubbles in drag cartoon characters in drag
This episode immediately sent me into an internet talespin Googling all the cartoon characters that have donned drag. And there are waaaaaay more than i originally imagined so i thought it would be FUN to share my findings with you (because i don’t want you to fall down the same rabbit hole and spend an entire day Googling “cartoon characters in drag” when you should be working. You’re welcome).
Drag has a huge history in animation which further proves that it has been in our pop culture consciousness for quite some time.  So without further ado, here, in one fabulous gender-bending post, are my favorite cartoon drag moments. Grab your Lucky Charms and enjoy! (Oh, and i’m sorry that some of the photos are small, but they were the only ones i could find :))

Alvin, Simon and Theodore

Alvin and The Chipmunks in Drag

But Alvin, Simon, and Theodore weren’t the only Chipmunks to throw on dresses. Check out everyone’s favorite Chipmunk duo:
Disney Chipmunks in drag cartoon characters in drag

Disney Chipmunks

Disney characters are notorious for their drag:
Hugo from Esmeralda

Hugo from Esmeralda


Timon from The Lion King

And even though Miss Piggy is the original faux queen, that didn’t stop Kermit from giving drag a go:

Kermit in Drag cartoon characters in drag


Here is everyone’s favorite Sesame Street duo doing their drag thing:


Bert and Ernie in Drag Cartoon Characters in Drag

Bert and Ernie


There are tons more examples of Jim Henson’s Muppets in drag. For a full list of episodes and air dates, go here.


And here’s a special treat for all you Flintstones fans:


Fred Flinestone Barney Rubble in drag cartoon characters in drag

Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone

Not the prettiest of queens, but still rocking their frocks.

And i don’t think it’s possible to have a conversation about cartoon drag characters without mentioning the Queen herself, Bugs Bunny:

Bugs Bunny in Drag Cartoon Characters in drag Country
Bugs has been in drag so much one genius fan put this uber-cool collage together:  together:
Bugs Bunny in Drag Cartoon Characters in drag
Not one to be outshined, Daffy Duck decided to try it out too:
Daffy Duck in Drag cartoon characters in drag
Here’s a drag snap of everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed character Cartman serving some serious face:

Cartman in drag cartoon characters in drag

And lastly one of my original mentors in drag – Jerrica/Jem (even though i’ve always been a Pizzazz gal myself!):
Jem Jerrica cartoon characters in drag faux queen cartoon characters
That’s all i got for you now folks :).
Know of any that i missed? Add them to the comments below. i’d ♄ to see this become a hub of cartoon characters in drag!
Here’s to always living an animated life!
Love, light + lashes,

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