Claiming Your Truth

i’ve been feeling like i want to share something that’s kinda really big with all y’all not out of obligation, but just because i feel called to (i mean it always feels good to be seen in one’s wholeness, RIGHT?!?!)

Simon’s passing in June (paired with all the crazy of 2020) really had a deep and profound effect on me. It prompted me to look at my life in a totally different way. And i realized that it was time for me to change. To shift. To reset back into the heart and core of myself.

i love drag. i’ve always, will always, love drag but drag was only a small fraction of my dharma, my purpose. And what i’m about to share with y’all now is the other.

Along with drag and writing, i’ve held a life-long love, respect, and relationship with the stars—and to metaphysics and magic. Astrology, tarot, bruja-ness, personal & spiritual development and exploration are all things i have loved since i was a kid.

They’ve always been a part of my life. They’ve just never been a PUBLIC part of my life. Until now.

In August, i applied for a BIPOC scholarship to a Sacred Medicine Mentorship program with my now mentor/teacher/friend, Asha Frost, Healing Rainbow Medicine Woman, and got it.

It started in September and since i’ve been learning, apprenticing, and reconnecting to my indigenous and ancestral roots as a healer, medicine woman, and curanderx. i am also actively reconnecting, remembering, and relearning the magic, language, and medicine of my people.

It really doesn’t change anything…i’m still writing, still working 1:1 with my clients, doing all the same things. But it really IS changing everything. Because now i’m approaching and doing all this work that i’ve been doing from within this center of healing—myself, others, and the world.

But i have learned one key distinction that makes all the difference in how i will operate and show up in the world starting now: All these things that i thought were my dharma: writing, drag, performance, storytelling, astrology, tarot etc. Are actually my tools. My medicine. The way in which i live out my dharma—helping, healing people. My people. Mi Gente who are marginalized, Othered in some way—and how i empower them to do the same.


In public celebration, reclamation, and honor-ment of this shift, i am holding my very first virtual new moon circle next Wednesday, October 14 at 1pm CST—right as the new moon shifts into Libra


An Integrated, Connective, Embodied Approach To Astrology

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But i’m doing it my way. Integrated. Embodied. In relationship and conversation to everything: tarot, astrology, socio-political events, collective, personal, mind/body/spirit.

Woke. Fucking. Magic.

But even if you decide not to join me, i hope you will hold me and my new journey of medicine reclamation in your heart.

i am also open to receiving lots of extra love, funny gifs, and support as i take the first steps in walking in this world as my authentic, whole (and still ever-healing) self.

Thank you for reading. For listening.

i hope to see some of y’alls facing in the workshop next week. Please let me know if you have any questions! About anything! The work i’m shifting into, the new moon circle, the process of it all.

i’m here, always, and ready to help y’all and the world grow in 🖤💡✊🏾

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