June 13, 2022
Full 🌕 ♐️ | Mercury ➡️ ♊️ | Last full week of spring

WOKE MAGIC PODCAST Divine Downloads Ep.01 – Soulful Magic.

💫 SPELLCAST: May every soul who listens to this cast feel a bit freer and permissioned to make magick their own way. 🙏🏽


Hola WOKE MAGIC Makers. Welcome to this special episode of The WOKE MAGIC Podcast.

These little mini tiny episodes i am calling Divine Downloads.  They are moments in time and in magic that i receive a message, a Divine Download from the universe.

And it’s just so good and so big that i feel like my whole body is pulsating that i just HAVE to share with you.

i’m recording this, it is Sunday, June 12. And we are getting ready to go into a week of a full moon. Not only are we getting ready to go into a full moon, but we’re also in the last week of spring and we are gearing up for Summer.

We have a big week of fullness of medicine of magic with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the closing of Spring and the opening of summer. This is a really beautiful, juicy time to really luxuriate in your medicine, in your art, in your creativity, in your magic in your body.

i think a lot of times when we are either learning about our magic or trying to reintroduce magic or harnessing our creativity or you know, we’re in that mode of like, we feel like we’ve been missing something and all of a sudden we find like magic or creativity or dance or something that is an outlet like a channel and we’re like, Oh my god, this is the thing that I’ve been wanting and waiting for!!!!

We get like this rush of energy and our nervous system gets really excited and we’re like, i just want to go go go and consume, consume, consume, and then we get in this trap of overwhelm, right? And magical overwhelm is real. Creative overwhelm is real because there’s so much wato and noise coming in from all of their places. And we’re excited because we want to learn and we want to grow.

But there’s just so only so much that we can do and only so much that we can hold and because the energy coming in these next couple of weeks, has you know, some big astrology–and Sagittarius is all about just you know, traveling and philosophy and doing exactly what they want to do. throwing caution to the wind. And then we have Summer right like the full bloom of everything, there’s so much energy going on.

This also means there’s going to be so much beautiful, beautiful offerings of how to work with the Full Moon and mucho Summer Solstice celebrations. And in this mini podcast, i want to offer you permission. Not that you need it. But because sometimes we need to hear it said that whatever and however you choose to celebrate, invoke, pray, dance, whatever however you choose to do your magic and the next coming weeks is absolutely perfect and in divine beautiful timing for you.

And that is all that matters.

If it feels potent and magical to you. Then that is the connection. That is the prayer. That is the Full Moon celebration the Summer Solstice celebration. It isn’t the
act of throwing and casting ruins or pulling a card that makes the celebration, it is in the embodied feeling and what you are feeling that is more important than what you are doing.

And i want to offer you a couple of things that just kind of came into mind as i was thinking about how i wanted to celebrate the Full Moon. Not thinking big, but thinking intentionally. Celebrating the Full Moon could look like:

  • Taking full gulps of air and letting our belly hang out. f
  • It could be ingesting a meal to where we’re not like overtly sickly full, but we are full of nutrients and an energy plant energy that we’ve ingested that we’ve chosen to ingest in our bodies

It’s really that simple. And yet so deeply profound.

By celebrating our fullness in our body by either deep breathing or conscious eating, we are in tune with the moon.

For our Summer Solstice celebration, all that needs to be done is to just take a step outside so you can feel the shifting season (well,  i’m in Texas at it always feels like one nonstop season all summer 🤣). But you can still see and hear the movements of Spring, You can still see and hear the birds in their springtime but they’re getting a little bit antsier. The younglings, seedlings that were birthed in Spring are getting ready to like take flight. And you can feel the shift towards fullness, right?

One moment of awareness in all that is necessary to celebrate the Summer


The invitation that i want to call you into as we move into this really potent week is to take a moment outside of all the wato and listen to what would be a celebration for you.

What would a marking of magic of this moment?

What would be what would it feel like for you? What would that look like? Is it small? Is it big? And that’s okay if it’s big.

But the goal and the intent that we are tapping into right now is, what does magic at this moment look like for you.  👈🏽 Use that as a journal prompt, and really tap into what your soul needs right now.

Because i guarantee you that little tiny full breath or that full ingestion of conscious eating has more potential to feed your magic in the long run, in the long stride of the season of your life then attending, halfheartedly, an online Zoom meeting where there’s so much physical ceremony happening but there’s no HEART.


There’s no ganas.

Their heart isn’t in it; your heart isn’t in it, and there’s just no energy.


What we’re looking for in magic is soul.

And you can have massive celebrations that are soulless, but that is not going to help your medicine and magic what is going to deeply route and change and transform.

Everything is reconnecting magic and your soul together, bringing them together bringing him meshing them together alkalizing them together, and creating your own way.

i hope that little Divine Download was helpful. It actually ended up being a little bit longer than i expected. But sometimes that’s the way Spirit moves.

i am sending you so many Full Moon Spring, Summer blessings.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. Shoot me a DM on Instagram @thewokemagic.

You can head over to wokemagic.com you’ll find the transcript and you can comment below!

i am sending you so much love holding you in your path of medicine and magic!

In Lak’ech,


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Recap & Takeaways

🔮 Do magic YOUR WAY.

🔮 Full moon, seasonal shifts, and any/all magical markings and celebrations can be easy. Easy can sometimes be more soulful.

🔮 Use the questions in this episode as journal prompts. 

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