August 8, 2022

Lion’s Gate Portal + ♐️ Gibbous Moon shifting into ♑️ 

WOKE MAGIC PODCAST Divine Downloads Bonus Cast 02 – Lion’s Gate Portal & the 3 of Wands

💫 SPELLCAST: May we all be portals, gateways, and channels to our own unique magick regardless of what anyone thinks. And so it is. 🙏🏽


We’ve been having a lot of wildfires here in Wimberley. And so i know that that’s been really kind of heavy on my heart and heavy in my orbit. But these weren’t like big fires, they were contained wildfires–not wildfires, bonfires. And i’ve been in this mode of transformation of really getting clear on what the vision is for myself for both magic for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

And so, i woke up i pulled the Four of Wands and i was like i the message of that card was to lead me back to the Three of Wands and to share all of the medicine and magic with you.

Today is the Lion’s Gate portal, which is when the star like there’s basically a portal that opens in the earth, and the star, Sirius, the Sun move into complete alignment with the pyramids in Egypt of Giza. And this creates a portal of awakening a gateway into huge manifestations of, of sacred geometry. Of the medicine of cosmic alignment and our bodies and our brains and ourselves as vehicles and channels of the Divine.

And, if you are part of the Coven, highly recommend you go and listen to the last two tarot readings if you haven’t because i speak really deeply about our card for last week was The Magician and it’s all about how we channel how we open ourselves up as the channel to the divine. And here we are in this week in the Lion’s gateway.

i had a dream about Three of Wands and i went into one of my favorite books. i don’t really when i pull a card i really try not to read a lot of books about what the card means i have my own relationship with the cards but one of the books that i turn to whenever i am, i want to get deeper into the metaphysical meaning of the cards is Rachel Pollock’s 78 Degrees of Wisdom. And it is a groundbreaking book on the Tarot. i highly, highly recommend it. It is just so magnanimous that it requires like 85 readings plus in order to really comprehend and digest what Rachel is talking about.

So i turned to that card today. And i want to read you what it says because there is potency in that kind in what she is saying, but also in tandem with the gateway and the alignment of the sun of Sirius’s of with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. There are cosmic portals of magic and our dream world is a cosmic portal of magic. And this reading and this card, the Three of Wands coming to us today on this specific week. Is a portal and gateway to your magic. And so i want to read this to you. Because Gateway is super important today and for the rest of the week. Here we go. These are Rachel Pollock’s words.

And the three of wands we see the first of the gate cards. The suit of Wands with its emphasis, emphasis on action contains fewer of these inner cards and any other suits. metaphysically the see has always evoked in people a sense of the vastness and mystery of the universe, while rivers symbolizes the experience of the ego dissolving into that great sea. The boats represent that part of us which explores deep experiences, while the man expresses the importance of rooting ourselves in ordinary reality before we attempt such metaphysical journeys, this schematic explanation gives only an intellectual shadow of the cards true meanings. That meaning lies in the experience of merging with the picture until the boats carry us into the unknown areas of the self. significantly. It is it is the addition of water and earth in the form of the sea and the rock which direct the images to fires greatest potential. Nevertheless, the special quality of this dates that of exploring the unknown belongs to fire

End Rachel Pollock’s words.

So much to unpack here! Gateway Lionsgate portal today being a portal but also in that the dream world being a boat that carries us into the unknown areas of the self the untethered to the stream and river of the ego places where we go metaphysically we go spiritually we go magically. And what i really loved about Rachel’s not even meaning but story about this card is that it embraces both and also it is about exploring that sea of the vastness of magic of everything into the realm of dreams into trance, into duende, into those areas in which when that comes into our spirit and invokes us but and also she is calling our attention back to how the person in the card is rooted in their stance they are in a state of rest and in a state of wholeness and completion and interest.

While all this is happening, and that is part of what we have to remember when we are in these big portals of magic, it is so easy to get swept up into all of this consumption of like–What can I do? What are my intentions? How can I manifest like all these things?

But if we are not coming from a rooted centered place within ourselves within our magic within our own trust, and our abilities to be the change to actually manifest things then all of that outer stuff isn’t gonna matter.

When our inner world is just not in a state of fully surrendered belief and trust but/and/also, when we are not in a place of complete comfort and understanding of our own agency and power. We can do the external we can go out and buy all the tools and do all of the things right. But unless we are internally our own medicine and magic makers if we are not internally holding ourselves to our full potentiality and power and agency what we do on the outside our intentions will not manifest.

And so the gateway here is a gateway and a mirror turning back onto itself of the self of our selves. And i am so blown away with how if and when we pay attention to how things are connected how the day connects to the stars, how the stars can connect to the seasons, how the seasons connect to our internal seasons.

How when we start to really pay attention and stay in a state of awareness of the connectivity to all of life, how more of that magic comes to us.

And as we enter into this Lion’s Portal and into this gateway that is cosmically created, we are also stepping into a portal of our own making. And that portal is here to share with is a gateway to all of the magic that we’ve ever wanted. But through the remembering that we ourselves again have to be rooted have to be channel have to be clear of doubt and mistrust. And we ourselves have to be decolonized from all of these modern-day bullshit practices and separation the illusion of separation.

We have to, ourselves, step into our magician selves first. Before we can really begin to harness the tools that are always at our disposal. We have to harness our most powerful tool and the first tool that all of us as magicians, oh, and that is ourselves. That is our mind. That is our heart that is our body. That is the way we think about what we consume.

It is everything we first have to claim and fully put ourselves in the agency of our own power first before we can call upon the elements we can call upon a tarot deck before we can call upon anything we first have to be able to call upon ourselves and that’s what the cards and this portal for this go around, feels into and feels like.

And i don’t know about you, but i would recommend for all of us to pay special close attention to our dreams to craft ourselves a little dream notebook a dream journal a dream Grimoire or we keep track of our dreams, especially this week. But also come into your day with the eyes and the intention of seeing these kinds of connections.

And i promise you that magic will begin to appear all around you.

i am wishing you the most beautiful portals into your own divinity into your own magic into your own medicine and self may this gateway be a gateway to all the unlearning and the decolonizing and the clearing that we need to do within ourselves so we can hold all the magic and manifest things and the potential that this amazing, amazing life has to offer us.

i am sending you so much love!

Until next time 💃🏽❤️‍🔥

In Lak’ech,


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🔮 You are your own portal of magick. Claim your personal agency is claiming the most powerful magick.

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