August 1, 2022

♍️ Moon + Mars conjunct Uranus

WOKE MAGIC PODCAST Ep.06 – Building Your Legacy with The Emperor

💫 SPELLCAST: May all who listen be ignited with the fire to do that thing they said they were going to do. And may they do it now with love, grace, fire, + ease. And so it is. 🙏🏽

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New Moon in Leo 2022 guide to help us unleash the Light Leader in ALL of us.

Hola WOKE MAGIC makers and amazing magical folk!

Welcome to the WOKE MAGIC podcast!

At the time of this recording August 1, we are stepping into a whole new month and we are in the thick of a Leo season. We are coming off of a new moon and Leo. i just did an amazing reading for the new moon in Leo where i talked about light leaders, being your own light leader, and really channeling the solar energy and the strength (because Leo’s card in the Tarot is strength), really claiming and holding and channeling all of that.


And for today’s podcast, i wanted to offer you another reading, but for the solar month of August.

So the way that I like to use Tarot is, i like to use Tarot as a guide. And in addition to the daily card pulls that i draw every morning that kind of guide me energetically throughout my day, i really like to pull three more ritualistic cards.

i like to pull a full year—12-month card pull at the end of the year. And i normally do that around December and i have a YouTube video that i will share in the show notes that i pulled in December 2021.

And what those 12 cards do is they lay out what the next year is going to be. It’s kind of like what the energy is set at that particular moment for the next year. And so i like to pull 12 cards, representing each month. And then as the year progresses, i like to pull a monthly card which is what i consider this solar card because i’m going with the Gregorian calendar i’m going with the solar flow of time.

But as a third ritualistic pull, i like to pull a new moon card because that is more of the moon phase the subtle energies and flow and magical mystical things that are happening behind the scenes so we have like the light and the shadow if you want to get it into like binaries but together they tell a whole story.

And what i’m interested in and what WOKE MAGIC is interested in is telling a full embodied story with our tools, whether that’s tarot, whether that’s our words, whether that’s arts, whether that’s in one of our activation sessions, or any kind of tarot reading or on your magic one day intensive.

We like to tell a fully embodied story, cyclical story and so this reading that i’m doing today for us is really part two of the new moon reading i did last week for us.

And if you’re a part of the Coven, i just finished recording our weekly card pull and this is part three of that. And, i gotta tell you something, i love magic!

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You’re gonna love it. So much magic happening in there.

Okay, so i just finished doing the card for them. And the card for the Coven is The Magician and i literally just went on this spiel about how magic is the subtleties, right? It’s the receiving because we had The Magician card it was all about you know, keeping the channel open and being a manifester in this receptive mode versus like the doing because if you look at the Rider Waite tarot deck and a lot of the magicians they aren’t in the action of doing right they’re not conjuring they’re not in the spells they’re not in in the action in the masculine.

The Magician is very much in the Yin in the receptive mode, one hand up, one hand down and the body itself is the lightning rod is the channel. So i literally just went on like a 20-minute, you know, divine download about The Magician and being receptive. And o immediately went into the card pull for us as a WOKE MAGIC Gente a collective as a general reading.

And the card that I pulled for us for August is (i’ll give you three guesses)…

The Emperor

which is the like total opposite end of the spectrum of what i was just talking about.

And when i say i love magic, i say i love magic because you cannot plan for these moments of the Divine, like cosmic humor.

Always saying like, it’s never just this one thing. It’s never just the solar calendar. It’s never just the new moon. It’s always the totality of the story.

And this was a beautiful reminder for me that as much as you know any channel or any tarot reader really likes to feel like they’re empowered and in, in divine relationship with the cards and you get into a groove and you’re like oh my god, like i’m feeling this. i’m feeling good. Like it’s not even ego basis. It’s like this rush of energy. And then here comes you know, the universe of the cards to go, Oh, but hold up! I got something else for ya. Here’s the flip side to your story here.

And so, this morning has been a beautiful dance in that ebb and flow and really, that’s the message and i’m bringing all of this into us because August is the midpoint of summer. It is the nepantla. It is that in-between space, it’s where you know, the fixed signs live and we are here really, in our fullness in our state of bloom and The Emperor has come to us to further support the fact that it is time.

It is time for that project that you have been putting off. It is time for you to open your Etsy shop. It is time for you to write that book. It is time for you to take your first step on your medicine path. It is time for you to start dancing again. It is time for you to take a moment for yourself and give yourself a full day of radical self-care. It is time for you to start your Tarot journal. It is time for you to write that graphic novel, to paint that picture, to sing that song, to write and live that poetry. It’s time to dance in the rain, to howl at the moon, to live our full, wildest dreams.

This is the month that we began to build and are in the midst of manifesting and creating our legacy.

And we do that through the solid foundation of what The Emperor brings.

Emperor also brings the Aries energy at the start of something the fresh start of something new that fire that instigator again, another leader in a fiery way. So we’re really being pushed in a beautiful and current you know it’s like the universe is at your back and it has its hands and it’s just like pushing you towards that thing that you’ve always wanted to do that you haven’t done yet.

We have the light leader energy of Leo the solar energy that really golden light that strength and now here comes The Emperor with a very solid bedrock, fiery leader.

Building and ruling an empire we have the both/and—we have the light of the metaphysical and of the spiritual of the subtle realms. And then we have The Emperor the ruler of the physical and earthly realms. We have the both/and. We have the nepantla and we are in the middle parts of our summer journey.

And what i want to invite all of us in to do today and the rest of this month is really start to take those tiny steps towards whatever vision we have held for ourselves that thing that we haven’t done yet and really start to move that needle forward.

The Universe is here to say you are divinely utterly and wholly in command of your self personal agency is a superpower that no one can take away from us, not the government, not our best friend, not a frenemy.

No one can take away our personal agency and The Emperor is here to say it’s time to root our agency into our power and turn it into that powerful work of art that we’ve been wanting to do and that powerful work of art could be your life.

i’m currently going through something that i am really focusing on drastically changing what my life looks like. i’m embedded in like that’s the thing that i’ve been called to bring forth that I’ve been putting off is really stepping up into that light leader into that bruja, that curanderx, that person i’ve always wanted to be. i’m being called to uproot everything and channel into that focus and that requires aligning my life in so many different ways.

And so what i want to invite you to do today is before we can venture out on any journey before The Emperor can rule their kingdom, queendom, indom, we need to know what that endpoint looks like.

So i want to invite you today to ask yourself, What does this empire What is this legacy that i’m building?

What does it include? Does it include a business? Does it include just art does it include books? Does it include me stepping into a more mystical, magical, spiritual relationship with the universe? What does this endpoint require of me?

And then once you get a clearer picture of that, really meditate on The Emperor’s energy and your energy and start taking stock of what you already have.

Because you have everything that you need to begin your journey and lay the foundation of whatever it is you are called to do. Now you have it. This is your sign.

The time is now and the universe is here—again, the energy, the flow, the whole totality of the story is pushing you towards that thing that you said you are going to do. And you said you’ve always wanted to do but you haven’t done yet.

i hope that this reading has been super helpful. i would love to know what is your thing What are you working on?

Spill it in the comments below. Hit me up in my DMs on Instagram and if you are a part of our Coven, please listen to the magician reading it goes in beautiful harmony. And it’s part of the totality of the picture.

These three readings that were gifted to us—the new moon, this week’s reading, and our August readings—really are a holy trinity of sorts of owning and honing and channeling our sacred flame and light to do the things that we said we are going to do.

i love you all so so much. i’m on this journey with you. i cannot wait to see all the art that you create and the communities that you are going to build the life that you are going to lead. i’m wishing you so much magic and sacredness.

Until next time 💃🏽❤️‍🔥

In Lak’ech,


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Recap & Takeaways

🔮 This is a beautiful month to start that project, do that thing, write that book that you’ve always said you would. 

🔮 Your magick spell + prompt: What is the legacy you are building? What tiny steps can you take daily for the next 30 days towards it?

🔮 If you have the Summer WOKE MAGIC Grimoire, use your daily pages to track your progress! 

🔮 Choices lead to chance. Chance leads to luck. All choices, chances, and luck are miraculous expressions of the Divine. Jupiter is here to aid you as you discover and find what fuels your sacred fire. Flame on, phoenix. 🙏🏽

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