June 26, 2022
Balsamic Moon in ♊️

WOKE MAGIC PODCAST Ep.02 – The Medicine of Activism

💫 SPELLCAST: May every spirit who listens and/or reads this episode be activated, held, and empowered to be the change they want to see. And may we do it together. 🙏🏽


Hola WOKE MAGIC galaxy, gente, and podcast listeners,  Coveners, supporters, really every and anybody this week’s download and card pull, and plática is for all of us there’s so much that I don’t even know where to begin.

So i will begin by checking in with all of us and checking in to our bodies. We have had a major upheaval in equality and justice. And so i just want us all to just take a collective moment and a collective breath together. And what i would like for all of us to do is to place our hands in our womb space, so you don’t have to have a physical womb to have access to this space.

We all have that space in that second energy center in that sacral part of us that we call our gut instincts, that is the space where the womb is even if it’s not physically present. And so i would like for all of us just to place our hands here and just take a collective breath together in healing in solidarity and moving forward and allowing us to breathe in how we are going to be an agent of change.

i want us to take a moment with our hands in this womb space and collectively breathe in our power together.

As i was exhaling i literally saw a release of cannot should not impossibilities all of these things that we’re told are impossible. Changing the world is one of them.

And it’s a week of heavy emotions.

It’s not just a week. It’s a moment of history of heavy emotions and upheavals and disbelief, shock, anger, the whole gamut of expressions, and i feel that i personally have run the whole gamut within myself. And in times like this, i turn to magic as an anchor, as an anchor to my power as an anchor to my ability to be the change, and as an anchor, to that remembered part of me, that knows that this too shall pass.

And i know this because of my ancestors, and our ancestors. Were at this junction and it passed for them. And it’ll pass for us. Maybe not in this lifetime in our lifetime in my lifetime in your lifetime. But it too shall pass. But in saying that, that doesn’t mean passivity.

This too shall pass does not equate to passivity in and in my part and your part in our part, and we all have our own ways of being an activist and what this moment and marker and time have called forth in me is the activist that has been embedded in my DNA since birth, and i’ll go into more of that story in my Cancer La Estrella series.

But it is called back into me the ways in which i use my expression as i use my art as i use my magic as i use my body as a vehicle and expression of activism. And there was a recognition of that, of that fire of that my sacred activists and sacred rebel sacred fire, flame, anger, whatever you want to call it.

This moment was a moment of reignition of re-ignite moments of that part of me that is a forever activist in fighting towards justice, a quality of love and abundance and joy and pleasure and all of these things that natural life has to offer us that we as humans have fucked up royally. It has reinvigorated that part of me.

And as i sat in my feelings in this heat in this fire at this moment i allowed myself to feel all of those feelings.

And then i asked myself . . .

How am i going to create change?

Not just how am i going to create change?

How am i going to create change now in this iteration of this incantation of myself, because i am not the same person or the same activist or the same artist or the same performer or the same magic maker as i was in my 20s and my 30s–even in my 40s. Even prior to this, SCOTUS overruling. i am not that same person.

So how am i going to be the change now?

i’m recording this on Sunday, June 26. And yesterday as i was sitting and really feeling into and moving through and dancing out all of my feelings. i felt a moment of clarity in that this is an activation for all of us.

This is a reignition a rekindling of all of our fires of what it means to be an activist for each and every one of us and what it means to be active and to be the change for all of us.

And as i sat in those feelings and in all those emotions, i came back into myself and i heard with the utmost clarity, that the activist that i am being called to be right now is an activist in the intersection of spirituality, magic, and reality.

And there’s a really beautiful kind of term, not term but three words that really kind of embodied what i was feeling that i read in a book called Spiritual Activism, and its “Soil, soul, and society.” And that is a way that i’m being called to be an activist through the magic of the Earth and this reality, how it connects to us as a society and how it all connects in myself, as a soul as a being who is here to be an agent of change.

i believe we are all here to be an agent of change.

And so i came to my weekly ceremony of pulling cards for my woke magic coven. And i came to it from this place of sacred activism and sacred action and sacred anger and fire and a rekindling of my activism in my now body in my now, incantation and the cards that came through as a message for all of us. And really a message for all of us in this moment of time.

The tarot card that came through for us was the 10 of Wands. And then i felt called to pool a medicine card. Normally i don’t share those pulls–or really i don’t share the downloads that i received from that medicine card because i really want it to be left up to the listener or be left up to you to the person that’s receiving it on the end.

But i’m going to share a little bit of the download that I received because it’s potent to the message of the 10 of Wands. We cannot carry this burden of creating change challenging the system of breaking down the system of burning down the system without the help and support and holding of our communities of our magic communities of our social justice communities.

And by that, i mean those people that are walking on the same path of moving towards equality for all. In our arts communities, we cannot all of those communities, we cannot bear the burden and the brunt of trying to be the change alone.

And this message is so much for me as it might be for you because i try to do and be the change all by myself. i carry this burden of how am i going to change this, How am i going to fix this? How am i going to rectify this and i don’t have the power to do that systemically?

But i do have the power to do that energetically, energetically, and collectively.

i have the power to change myself and change you and change the world in by me lifting the burden for myself and calling on other people to support me in this vision and in this dance towards justice. And the 10 of Wands is here to remind all of us that the burden is not just solely on ourselves.

We all have pieces to play in righting the wrongs that has been done. It is going to take the archivist the person who uses their art as an act as a form of activism as i do. It’s going to take the people who take to the streets that kind of fire and energy; it’s going to take the institutions; it’s going to take the doctors; it’s going to take all of us and this burden and this belief of having to carry it alone is not going to serve our collective good and our collective modality and mode of change.

And this card is a blessing and a reminder that while there is a burden and we will be burdened with having to be the change and i don’t mean that activism is a burden, but it does ask from us a sacrifice which is our time and our energy and our release of all things superficial and all things individual for the good and the collective of all.

And it’s asking us to release that burden, but it’s also saying that this is an end of a cycle and so the medicine that came through, along with the 10 of Wands was Wind, was the elements of air.

The Winds have changed. The pendulum has swung and it’s all by natural law. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction. What goes up must come down.

It’s all part of natural law and the pendulum has swung.

And so the questions we need to ask ourselves are . . .

What Wind has been shifted and called in?

From what direction is the wind swaying in us?

How are we going to channel that wind channel our inner wind channel that breath channel that breathing into our womb space?

How are we going to channel the air that comes from our lungs? How are we going to channel this fire? How are we going to channel this wind, our personal wind into the collective when in the force of change?

And these are all really big ideas and big medicine like big bolts of change and tornadoes and hurricanes and these
these big ideas of change.

But i also want us to take a moment and root this back into ourselves and what we can what is ours to carry what we can do and what is not ours.

And the first prompt or the first gateway and/or key that i want to offer to you in figuring this out for yourself,

What is your specific medicine and blend of change?

What is the natural way that you are an activist?

i really believe we are all activists if especially if we are dedicated and devoted to living our values in real life. That is a form of activism. So i believe we’re all activist and so what is what this moment is asking all of us now is to figure out and really root into the kind of activism that is for us.

And that’s going to change in my 20s i was in the streets protesting there was a fire behind my activism. There was a radical illness in my activism. And that fire and that person is still in me. But my form of activism is now taking all of that and transmuting it into art and showing others how to do that. It is through my business woke magic. It is through WOKE MAGIC and showing other people how to harness their own voice their own wind their own fire their own Earth, their own bodies, and creating that and creating from that space to be agents of change and healing for themselves and for the world. That is my now activism.

And so what i invite us all to do this week is to ask ourselves, what is the medicine of activism that i carry?

What activist medicine do i carry?

And once you’re clear on that, how can you find a way to thread, weave, embody, emotes, invest, ignite that medicine, and invite that medicine into your daily life.

How can you below that wind of change back into your body? How can you call all those pieces and parts of you that were oppressed or marginalized or demonized from others by society by this ruling by all of this? How can you call back all of this into your power and use it as a vehicle and tool for your activist medicine? Your Medicine of activism?

It’s a big ask. It’s a big it’s a big calling. It is a big moment that this universe is asking for and from all of us. But we are bound to it. As we are bound to each other as i’m bound to my ancestors who fought for this to pass and as i’m bound to my future generations that are going to be the change to get this back into law.

And to call all of this back into what we can do as magic makers as part of the collective as artists as creators as visionaries is to say yes to our medicine, our activist medicine to say yes to it, and say yes to cultivating and curating it. Just like i’m saying yes to bringing forth that spiritual activism in me.

Yesterday, while i was going through all of these emotions, i went back into some work that i was writing last year that kind of didn’t necessarily lose its shine, but it felt like it wasn’t meant for this time. It was a book on Artivism, and radical art making and, and spiritual activism. And i felt called back to that work.

And so one of the ways that i’m planting and rerouting my activist medicine is by completing this book this year. And it’s almost like partial, i mean, it’s like halfway done, but it just wasn’t time but it’s time now. And it’s time for all of us to look at the ways in which we have been called to be the change to be active to be an activist and to reroute that now and to reroute them. Not just for abortion rights, but for all of our rights as a body and person who sits at the intersection of multiple systemic oppressions.

My activism, i know that by infusing one point, my medicine into one thing, i am creating a ripple into all the other isms that i’m trying to the change that i’m trying to affect. And i am feeling called also not just to finish this book, but to create a Coven of magic makers who are going to go on this journey with me. And by that i mean not by like, i’m leading and y’all are following, i mean that are taking this fire at this moment to rekindle their flame their sacred flame, and are going to walk the and dance and move and pray and embody this change in their daily life.

i don’t know what that looks like. Now right now it’s feeling like it wants to be an online Coven and part of the Ko-fi Coven that i’ve created.

So if you are feeling called to be in a community with other magic makers who are using their magic and their voice and their art to be the change that i want to invite you to our free WOKE MAGIC gente.

And if you’d like to do it in guidance in tandem with the cards with my medicine, i want to invite you into our WOKE MAGIC Coven. It is $13.13 a month and in it, we are going to be the change together. That money is energetic reciprocity that then goes back into work magic so i can help other queer BIPOC, intersectional, marginalized folxs create their own change and it gives back scholarships for them. It’s all part of the reciprocity of magic and i am taking this moment and this 10 of Wands and the Winds of change as an initiation.

This has been an initiation. And this next coming week of June. 26th really feels like a week of activation. And activation is part of and in tandem with initiation. Let this magic that i was just downloaded to give to you right now at the moment. Let this be both your initiation your activation and also your inspiration to seek out and start to live out the medicine of your activism.

i fucking love each and every one of you so so much.

i cannot do this alone. i do not want to do this alone. And so i’m calling in everyone who wants to do and create and be the change together.

i am sending you healing.

i am sending you wind.

i’m sending you fire.

i am sending you the sacredness of and the power of personal agency.

i love you all so so much.

In Lak’ech,


Is to use these prompts to activate your sacred activism and your activist medicine.

1. What is my special brew of magical activism?

2. How can infuse my everyday actions, life, and art with it?


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Recap & Takeaways

🔮 Find your special blend and brew of activist magic. 

🔮 We cannot do this alone. But we can do it together. Take the burden off yourself and call in your gente of folxs who are doing the same work you are. 

🔮 Use the questions in this episode as journal prompts.

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