Finding The Right Guiding Question 

In this episode, i’m sharing with you how to choose that one question that will help guide you in aligning your life & choices with your goals.

Over the past 4 years (it will be 5 on July 6th!!!), i’ve used a variety of questions to help keep me on track and make sure that all the ideas, projects, and work that i take on are aligned with my bigger goals and overall vision for myself.

Finding the right guiding question for you not only helps you unlock your fullest potential…but it also helps make sure that what you are doingthat new flashy, shiny idea that just lured your attention awayis the right move for you.

Listen to the podcast and then use one of the questions below as your new barometer of alignment or create your own.

The goal is to find something that keeps you aligned for now until you can find one that really fits YOUR life, dreams, and goals.

A few days ago, i found mine.

But you’ll have to listen to the Guiding Question episode to find out what it is!

Happy searching!




Show Notes

Here are a few guiding questions i’ve created and/or used throughout the years. Enjoy!

1. Does this feel like a guilty pleasure?

2. Am I obsessed with this?

3. Does this light me up?

4. Would doing this add joy to my life?

5. Would the best version of myself buy/create/take on this client?   

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