Brandi Amara Skyy,
Spiritual + Creative Mentor & HWIC

Finding the time to do what you love, to create, to make things, and to live your dreams out loud is one of the biggest obstacles we, as creatives and magic makers, use to keep ourselves small and stay exactly where we are.

But not having enough time can sometimes (and let’s just be honest, MOST times) be an illusion and limiting belief (also known as an excuse) to keep ourselves safe and stagnant.

AND I 1000% GET IT! #beentheredonethat

We are all busy. But how much of that busy is actually busy doing the things that will get us where want to go? And how much of our busy is on things that distract us like social media, The Masked Singer, or reruns of Gossip Girl 👀 (just me?!? 🤣).

But i believe in you + your talents and skills.

And to prove it, today i’m going to share with you a lesson from the Art, Love, & Woke Magic Academy Manifesting Magic course called,  Your Dreams Are Not Impossible: How to Approach Your Dreams Like the Brazen, Badass You ARE.

If this is THE year that going to change EVERYTHING, the first thing we need to change is how we see, and most importantly, how we use our time.

The sneak preview 👇🏽 of the TIME section of the Your Dreams Are Not Impossible course will help you do just that!


Question to ask yourself: Is this what i really want to be doing with my gifts? My time? My talents?

i am an only child.

My parents said they only wanted one, but they used to make up wild and outlandish stories about all the ‘other kids they had.’

They used to tell me (sometimes still do) that i had tons of brothers and sisters but they were all super bad so they left them in the wallpaper, underneath the stairs, and other random places all over the world. (Remember the movie, The People Underneath the Stairs? My parents told me those were all my long lost siblings🤣).

i was the only one they decided to keep.

They were joking of course, but being an only child definitely had an impact on my life early on.

Because i didn’t have any brothers or sisters to keep me entertained, i had to entertain myself.

That meant sitting at my Mickey Mouse plastic square table in my red chair drawing, coloring, and bringing made-up characters to life.

That meant turning on my red tape recorder and creating my own “Turn the Page” chime storybooks.

It meant reading books and then trying to write my own.

My father with me on his lap doing some SERIOUS work!

It meant going through my ‘play’ clothes and turning an old raggedy throwaway dress into the most colorful princess dress the world has ever seen with my markers and crayons.

And, of course, it meant showing off my mad LiteBrite skills.

All those hours, when my parents were busy and couldn’t play, i filled up with my imagination. i learned to create things, to morph objects and clothes into real-life versions of what i saw in my head.

i learned i could create the world around me by first imagining it into being.

All that was made possible because my parents, unbeknownst to them, had gifted me time alone by choosing not to have any more kids.

When we grow up, we have to gift time to ourselves. And most of us don’t.

We fill our days with busy work—things we feel like we have to do—without ever really stopping to ask ourselves: is this what i really want to be doing with my gifts? My time? My talents?

We think if we sit too long reading a good book, writing in our journal, learning new makeup skills, or stretching our creative muscles that we are ‘wasting our time.’

You can’t waste time, but you can spend it unwisely—like mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Or watching trash TV because it’s easier than getting out your pen and notebook and exploring your dreams.

Sometimes you’ve got to be selfish.

Sometimes you have to become an only child—meaning giving yourself permission to sit at a plastic table on a red chair and just create.

To spend some time alone with yourself, your thoughts, and your creativity without the TV running in the background, Facebook on your screen while Instagramming on your phone.

Even if it’s only 5 minutes, making the space for you and what you want to create, be, and do shows yourself (and the Universe) that you’re serious. That your work and creativity are so important to you that you will carve out whatever time you can find: standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, turning off the TV to do what needs to be done.

Time is the birthplace of creativity and the nourishment for your dreams.

Give yourself the gift of time to create the world around you, one LiteBrite color peg at a time.




TIME TO GET TO WORK! (No pun intended 🤣)

To help you see and therefore “find” the time in your life where you can create whatever it is you are wanting to work on, i also wanted to 🎁 you the accompanying free Time Witchery Spellsheeta time tracking tool to help you actually see where your time is going.



This is the same tool and spellsheet i give my 1:1 flients (friends + clients) as well as students in my (Re)Claim Your Magic course (available as part of the Witchflix membership for a limited time!)

And like the peep of the Your Dreams Are Not Impossible Course, it’s yours free!

Click the pic below or here Click here to get your free Time Witchery Spellsheet. 

Whatever you dream of creating . . .

You got this. i love you. i believe in you.

In lak’ech,