At the end of each year and/or around the time of my birthday, i write a kinda goodbye/wishes/looking forward post. Each year is a little different. This year, this is what it wanted to be – a cornucopia of lists, gifts and wishes for you.

My Ultimate Obsession List – 2014


Passion Planner. THE planner for any creative. i suggest you get one NOW – she’s almost sold out!
The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield. THE best book i read in 2014. If you want to change your life, this is the book that will help you get shit D.O.N.E!
Looney Lolita illustrations. Wanna see what you’d look like as a vintagey cool kat cartoon character? She’s your gal.
♥ Lisa Frank. Truthfully this has been a 37 yearlong obsession, HOWEVER . . . with her reemergence in stores this year, i’ve been a MAD woman. Seriously. See the evidence for yourself here and here.
Carrie Strong Photography. Mad skills. Mad talent. Unbeatable price. If you’re in (or even near) the Oklahoma area, get yourself booked before she gets famous. For real.
GAG. If someone asked me to describe my vision of and for drag, this would be it. She’s coming back in 2015.



This year i wrote a few short and sweet + super FREE e-books for you.
The first is a super glittery fun book on drag (my first EVER to be published on the world wide web) that will be retired at the first of the year. Get it now here (for free) before it leaves the cyber world forever.
The second is a special book on how you can do it all in 3 easy + short steps. While it’s not retiring as soon as Drag from A to Z, it will be retired at the end of 2015. But if you’re looking to rock out in the New Year, my suggestion is get it now here.
i also created tiny (but powerful) + helpful worksheets to finish off the year as bad as you started it and createsheets to help you pick the perfect idea here, here and here.
Here’s my top 5 make-up must haves!
A drag Instagram challenge you can do at any time and edit to your specific creative niche.
And in case you missed it, a list of 5 things you need to read before 2015 begins.

Birthday | New Year wishes for me, you + world

(Here’s my wishlist from last year.)


  1. Equality without excuses or borders.
  2. To spend more time with our noses in books instead of other people’s lives.
  3. To be global – in every sense of the word.
  4. Whoever wins Miss Diva USofA to want it as badly i do.
  5. Love, light + shine.
  6. Wealth – and not just the $ kind.
  7. Create. Be. Do.
  8. To spend each day in positivity and light.
  9. Find and live your life’s purpose everyday.
  10. Do things that are outside my comfort zone.
  11. Create new habits that will move life, dreams and goals forward.
  12. Believe that anything is possible and live every moment of life this way.
  13. The right words in any given situation.
  14. Love. Lots of it.
  15. Gratitude.

Every year i choose 3 words to help guide + shape my journey. In 2014 my words were build, hustle, sparkle. The overall theme of 2014 was to work smarter not harder. And (as you’ll find in How to Do It All) my number for 2014 was 4.
My 2015 words are:
My theme:
Write, do and create simple things about complex ideas.
My number:
Without planning it, i made the decision to do these things at randomly separate times:
Do 5 things a day to manifest my dreams/goals
List 5 things i am grateful for everyday
Launch 5 UH MAZ ING things for YOU in 2015
So it only makes sense that my number for 2015 is 5 🙂 . Hmmm i’m kinda sensing a yearly pattern . . .

Your turn!

What were your obsession in 2014? Share them with your friends, website, social media. If you love them, chances are more people will too 🙂 .
What gifts did you create / give to the universe? Give them to a new batch of peeps, give them away for free, redesign them or let them go.
What are your wishes birthday or otherwise for you, your friends + universe? Post ’em up where people can see them and be inspired to create a wishlist of their own.
What 3 words do you chose to mold + shape 2015? Write down, hang them up, or create a groovy graphic using Pic Monkey or the photo editor of your choice.
What is your overarching theme for 2015? Remember and come back to this whenever you feel yourself getting lost or forgetting where you want to go and what you want to do.
What are your dreams and how many things will you do daily to make them happen? Now do those things daily and make 2015 your dream manifesting bitch!
Here’s to cultivating the magic that the energy of the New Year brings!
Love, light + shine,

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P.S. Feel free to share all the freebies, gifts, lists and posts with your friends! The more people making magic in 2015  the more extraordinaire our world becomes!