Brandi Amara Skyy International Drag DayToday do something that’s extra fierce, flawless + excessive!

Here are few ideas to get your drag juices flowing:

Watch this movie, or this one, or this
Hold a mini drag show in your car to and from work, errands, WHATEVER
Drench yourself in rhinestones
Wear some serious falsies. And if you are a regular wearer of lashes, go all out and try a bottom lash!
Peruse this magazine
Wear WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much make-up
Walk down your hallways like this:

Drag Queen Hallways

♥ Wear your highest heels for no other reason but because you want to!
Join the first annual #dragchallenge2014
Take a step towards fulfilling a lifelong dream
Break a few (lawful) rules
Throw on some glitter
And do it all, un

Here’s to a fabulous day of drag!

Love, light + dragging,

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