How will this change you?

We already knowor if we don’t we are starting to get a good ideathat our world will never be the same. Our lives as a society, as a community, as a beings on this earth will be forever changed.

But what about us as individuals

How are we going to be changed? Are we going to show up at the end of all of this, as the same person we were when we left?

Are we still going to sweat the small stuff? Allow our fears to hold us prisoner. Allow our dreams to still be unattained?

i hope not.

But that hope begins with the action all of us honestly answering the question of, how has this changed me? What am i learning?

Today, take a moment to write down everything you have learned thus far in isolation.

Take a beat.

And then answer, how will this change me?

Keep scrolling to see my list of what i’ve learned & how these things have changed me.

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A few things i’ve learned:

1. It’s all an illusion a false sense of securityour economy, our job security, money. Those things are not our backbone. We are. The people that are on the frontlines in this battle, in the trenches, companies that have forgone profit to help make masks, everyone who gives, loves, and serves … this is what will save us.

2. i am not as whole as i thought i was. Meaning, i am still showing up in the world in fragments. Writer. Period. Gap. Slash. Teacher. Period. Gap. Slash. Drag artist. Period. Gap. Slash. Author. Period. Gap. Slash. i am learning that this is not how i want to live.

3. People will surprise youif you give them a chance to.

4. i am a healer. But i am also someone who needs to be healed. And it’s okay to teach, share, and live in those seemingly contradictory spaces.

How will this change me?:

i am reading (currently re-reading, Light Is The New Black) and surrounding myself with things, people, and creativity that reminds me and keeps me whole. i’m stripping down the walls, layers, and boundaries and really trying to show up as authentically and soulfully-me as i can.

i’m creating every day. And made creativity for the sake of creativity and sharing it for free my main focus of April. (i’ll be sharing how and other ways i am bridging myself in the upcoming weeks.)

i’m also really trying to stay present. To see and record the magic moments that happen every day.

i’m focusing more on learning, growing, sharing, and serving than i am on producing, selling, striving, and hustling. Not that those things are bad, but those are not things that will heal me or help me thrive at this time.

i am committing to saying YES to every little call from my soul regardless of how much logical sense it makes. i read this sentence in Light Is The New Black and it just hit me, hard.

The point of all this as i see it, is to use this unforeseen circumstance as an opportunity to slow down, to think and grow. To get to know yourself and what you want.

To pay attention to what really matters. To help, serve, and share, To be a beacon of hope and light. To art hard. To laugh even harder. To create for fun, for the hell of it, and the healing of it.

And to be a rainbow or a lighthouse in someone else’s cloud.

The one thing in life you have to do. Be the Lighthouse. Yoga Bajan.

May we all shine brightly today and always.