It might have something to do with this past new moon being in my 3rd house of communications (not to mention Mercury in her retrograde was also stationed there), but i have been revisiting what it is exactly that i want to share with you – that i’m dying for you to know.
i’ve been thinking about all the things you already know . . .
Like i’m a drag artist and a writer – and really that i live and breathe creativity in any form. Or that i have a Shih Tzu named Simon who teaches me (daily) the art of embracing and owning your oddballness.
And all the things you don’t . . .
Like the fact that i’m an only child or that my partner and i recently sat down with my parents (who are born again Christians) and asked for their blessing of our marriage union and they said no. My heart has been missing a piece ever since. Probably forever will . . .
And all the things i want you to know . . .
Like how you are powerful creators of your life and art and if you knew just how fucking unique and special you are you would never doubt your dreams, your visions or yourself again. Seriously.
Or how each and every one of you is so full of light that you are spilling forth creativity and if you could just tap into that source your inspirational well would never run dry.
Or why i do what i do.
There’s i want to share with you . . .
but what if our time was limited? What if this was our last interaction . . . ever?
What would be the one thing that i would rush to tell you before it was too late? The.most.important. thing i want, need, am dying for you to know before you leave?
Find it, live it, breathe it, cultivate it, forge it, align with it, chase it, absorb it, observe it, feel it, work with it and within it.
Passion. Is the only thing big enough to feed your soul and the only thing that will ever make you feel full – all the money, adoration, fame or gourmet food in the world will never fuel you like a life full of passion – or a life driven by or chasing it.
Passion, finding and feeling her, is the reason i do everything i do. For me, there is no better feeling in the world then when i’m connected to my creativity through a passion so fierce it cuts through the darkness and fear in my belly.
That’s what i want to share – in my Missives, in my articles, in my work – passion for your art, for your life, for yourself.
So here’s what i’m intending for the rest of the year, for myself and for you:
i want to infuse the embers of your dreams and mine with so much passion that when the clocks strike midnight on December 31, 2015 all that culminating fire combined with the energy of the new year will ignite a wildfire in our bellies to really do everything we say and dream about doing – to live a life so full of passion that 2016 will always be remembered as the year that changed your life – that changed my life.  
i want to fill the remnants of 2015 with so much passion that we ring in the New Year drunk on the elixir of our dreams!
It can be done.
It has to be done.
What can i do to help you get there? 
Reply in the comments below, email me, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let me know what kind of passion are you searching for? 
i want to fill the world with passionate dreams in 2016. But i need your help to do it.
Love, light, and so much passion we self-combust,


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