Today i woke up with my life on my mind. 

As in …

what kind of life do i actually want to live? 

And then the question:

If my life was a movie, what kind (as in genre) would i want it to be?

And my mind flittered back to a word i use a lot to describe the energy i want to call in whenever my wife and i are going out to do mundane things, like going to the grocery store or getting the oil changed…i always say to myself and her, “We’re going on an ADVENTURE!”

And as i speak it so it always becomes. 

That one word, adventure shifts my mindset to one of curiosity, excitement, and possibility. 

It also ups the probability that my life will actually mirror those qualities. 

So today as i mulled over that Q over my morning cup of Sweet Tangerine tea, i heard my 6-year-old self call out to me…fantasy. And i saw the list of movies i used to love and watch over and over as a kid: 

The Worst Witch
The Last Unicorn
Princess Bride
Neverending Story

Flash Gordon

All were fantasy adventures.

BAM! There it was. 

i want my life to feel like an epic fantasy adventure–i.e. Magical, not of this realm. 

As this clarity came to me, a new tarot spread revealed itself to me and i shared it with my Sacred Creatrix coven

All this in a span of minutes. All this because i followed what i call, my light rabbits (like Alice’s White Rabbit, but a light rabbit is the embodiment of the spark of curiosity.)

That’s how quickly the muse comes to visit. 

All this was made possible because every morning i wake up i’ve created space for spirit, for the muse, for duende to visit via my Wake Up Ritual. 

This is why this tool is so important. THIS is why it’s the 1st of 9 pillars to living your best most magical and most empowered life—what i call your WOKE MAGIC life. 

It’s also why it’s the first course that called me to create it in Witchflix because the way you start anything is the way you flow and finish everything. 

i’m also uber-excited that this course will be dripped out with a new course chapter dropped every week with the final climax being a LIVE Q&A with real-world troubleshooting on Oct. 25th. 

Maybe you’ll join me. Maybe you won’t. (i hope you will! 🤗)

This, like all life, is one big opportunity to choose your own adventure. Mine is the most fantastical adventure i can possibly conjure up. 

What’s yours?

And more importantly, will you make the same choices you have in the past that have led you to the life you are living today, or will you choose differently?

It’s all up to you, boo. 

Stay on your path or turn the page. 

i’m rooting and holding all the page-turning madness for you now and forever! 

Mucho mas adventure my friends!

in lak’ech,