La Estrella is an astrology storytelling series created, written, and lived by HWIC, Brandi Amara Skyy. The series can be read at any time but is particularly most potent during the sign’s season (both solar & lunar) as well on the zodiac’s planetary day of the week and the 2 1/2 to 3 days of the month the moon falls in the respective sign. 


🌞 Season: March 21 – April 19th

🌚 season: April 1 – 29th (ish)
📅: Tuesday

It’s Aries season. 

And Spring had sprung up all around me. My social media feeds were littered with Spring and Ostara rituals, seasonal magic, and all the wild hopes, dreams, and visions that a shift from the inner snowcaps of winter to the budding of Spring promises. 

i was ready for Spring too.

Ready to fully embrace my inner Aries and show the world, HERE I AM. As in, here are the fruits of my winter hibernations in the form of the very first public edition of the WOKE MAGIC Grimoire

Here is proof of the magic i have been so quietly and hard at work conjuring up. 

But our lives are anything but linear fairytales and the universe had a different lesson plan in mind. 

On March 11th at 11:31pm in the height of Pisces season and my wife’s mother’s birthday, my wife had a stroke. 

Stroke. there’s a word that i never fully understood when it graced people’s lips as something that had happened to someone else. A word that has taken on a whole new meaning and breathed a whole new dimension of life into our orbit.

3 strokes to be exact. The number of holinesses. The number of the holy trinity. Of completion. Of divinity. Of coming full circle. Ouroboros.

That night, as the ambulance whisked my wife away to the nearest hospital, i felt all of Spring’s hope, growth, and medicine i had brewing in my heart siphoned from me, falling further down a drain of nothingness from the onslaught of worried tears, panic attacks, and a numbness that stretched over my entire body–its remnants still here. Still lingering. Waiting in the wings. 

On the first day of Spring, while other people’s gardens were in the beginnings of blooms, i’d find myself at a hospital desk trying to piece together my life. The world around me speed on, but here i was in the cracks between the living and the dying. 

It felt like the gods & goddexxes had forsaken me.

That magic had left me, overturned. Empty. Decaying. 

But as the days turned to a week, Aries began to show its presence in an unexpected way. And their medicine of I AM began to mirror inward. And all the I AMs that astrology had prepared me for, fell away and were replaced by deep, guttural, primal I AMs i had never felt before. 

I AM grateful that my wife is still here in physical form with me. 

I AM / WE ARE going to get through this. 

I AM not ready for this. 

I AM not here. This cannot be happening.

I AM broken. Scared. Worried. Angry. Mad. In Disbelief. 

And then, the only real I AM that matters: I AM ALIVE. I AM THRIVING. 

And so is she. So are all the people that i love. 

These I AMs unlocked a chorus of Aries in me.

And Aries–in its full solar radiance as Aries the Archetype, The Emperor, Warrior, Mars–visited me in all the shades and shadows of its Sun self. 

Aries’ strength and perseverance through long arduous battles came to me in the tiny moments of choice to return to her hospital room after storming down the hall in a hailstorm of tears screaming internally, “I. CAN’T. DO. THIS.”

The Emperor’s rulership came to me sharply in the moments when the life i had to rule was not my own. The Emperor was there on all the phone calls, bill payments, and especially in the moments i had to fiercely champion for my wife’s care when it felt like the doctors weren’t doing–not just enough–but ANYTHING. 

Warrior came up from me, in those moments when my wife couldn’t speak for herself because her strokes had left her speech slurred and delayed and i had to advocate for everything–her life and mine. i left no prisoners. i won every war. And i do not feel guilty for the bodies i left behind.

Mars charged my blood with the fiery masculine yang energy that is my natal cosmic makeup. An energy that i had, up until this point, been trying to snuff out. i’m TOO YANG. TOO fiery. TOO masculine. Not enough feminine, i told myself in the months leading up to this event. But i thanked the Universe for my high Mars when i yanged and pissed all over the place in order to get the Doctors to pay attention and give my wife the care, service, and attention she so desperately needed. 

But if i have learned anything about Aries medicine this season that i feel is the most important to pass on to you, it’s this: 

Aries medicine doesn’t do well coming when called. Aries cannot be summoned–and any Aries that might show up when called is there for ego, not honor. For centuries people have tried to summon the courage and valor of Aries the Warrior, the heat of Mars by trying to control it. To bend the fire to their humxn will. To force Aries to work for them and turn them into a leader, authority worthy of following. All are false prophets. All too egotistical and narcissistic to inspire any real lasting change. 

Aries does not work for the ego. Only for the soul.

And Aries will always come to the aid of honor, love, and justice–and all those that fight for it and alongside it. Always in people, moments, and events where it’s not superficially expected. 

Aries shows up in the 5’0 mother who channels the strength of 1000 warriors to protect anyone they love, furbabies included. The Warrior shows up in the fists, marchings, and chants when we take to the streets to protest and advocate for justice, Black lives, Indigenous rights, and our Trans familia. The Emperor shows up when we courageously hit send on an email or request for a pay raise, a next-level job, or something that scares the shit out of us but needs to be sent to usher us to the other side. 

And Aries showed up for me when i felt the least powerful, divine, or warrior-like.

And Aries can and will show up for you. 

But, as in all of magical life, how strongly depends solely on the relationship you have built prior to them needing to show up. 

How do you show your love, attention, and wish for co-collaboration to something with no physical presence, whose presence is, in essence, esoteric and intangible? 

We give, offer some of our time over to learning more about them. We spend moments, long moments, getting to know their energy intimately. 

For Aries, we learn about Aries’ natural rulerships (the 1st house) and where he sits in our natal chart. We commit and dedicate our Tuesdays (Mar’s day) to crafting and skilling our warrior selves. We ask questions and invite all elements of the Warrior to answer. 

Aries sits in my 9th house, holding my midheaven and South Node. The 9th House asks the question, What do i know?

Prior to this Aries season, i would have answered not enough

Today, as Aries sits on the balcony of my chest bridging my heart to my wife’s forever, i answer, differently. Loudly. Proudly.


i know Love. 

And i will defend Love, in all its forms, in whatever ways the universe asks me to. 

Because Love, in a world that banks on the illusion of separation, is a radical act. It’s a rallying cry. A warrior’s just reason for battle. 

As Aries season unfolds, ask yourself:

For what and whom are you a warrior for? Do you have things in your life that matter so much that they unconsciously inspire you to grab your shield, own your Sun, and fiercely protect its honor?

All our answers should be yes. 

Because before we can go to battle for someone else, we must first muster the courage to wage war for ourselves. 

You are your warrior’s first battle. The beginning of the hero’s quest. 

Battle onward, mi fellow gente of magic makers. Wage wars that matter to you. Begin to rule your life in the shades you want to see the world colored in. 

Make choices to create things that will rage on long after you’re gone. 

You’ve got the fire of the Warrior magick in you. 

It’s time to set them free. 

To learn how you can work with Aries medicine (and all the planets, zodiac, and elements) in an intersectional and interconnected way, check out our FREE Daily Praxis of Magic Guide HERE.