Photo by Musico Roots Photography


It’s been 44 days since i’ve left my day job.

When i left, i had paid two months rent in advance and had less than $1000 in my savings.

i also didn’t have any rental properties, stocks, or ‘assets’ to fall back on.

No million dollars hiding in a Stow and Go somewhere a la Breaking Bad.

No rich family members to fall back on. No super rich sugar partner.

When i jumped, it was literally me and the numbers i had in my bank account.

But i had belief. Belief in myself, in my talents, in my ability to create something from nothing. Belief that i was meant to do something more than what i was currently doing.

i’m sharing this with you now because i think it’s important to know that some people don’t pad their stories – or their nets before they jump.

That some people make the leap of faith without having it all figured out – or a $10K nest egg in the bank.

That some people really do risk it all to make the vision they have for themselves a reality.

That some people say fuck the numbers, fuck the odds, fuck what everybody else says and just jump with what they have on their bodies and in their bank accounts.

i’m sharing this with you now because it was something i so desperately needed to hear as i was trying to figure out if and when i should leap.

i needed to hear someone say on their blog, on a podcast, in a Facebook group: i have nothing to fall back on except myself. But i’m leaping anyway because i’d rather die from falling from the sky than die never have trying.

i couldn’t find those words anywhere.

So i had to write my own.

My life has always been about chasing and attaining the implausible dream.

Turning the impossible into I’M POSSIBLE.

Today i wanted to share with you the words i needed to hear just in case you were searching for them too.

You can leap right from where you are.

And to remind myself that: sure, i may fall down from time to time and worry about making rent next month.

But i’ve already SURVIVED all that shit.

And my guess is so have you.

Because we’ve all survived something.

The question is: what are we surviving for?

Someone else’s dream?

Or one of our own?


i also need for you to know something else:

i don’t have any kids or anyone else that i need to financially care for.

i also don’t want any kids (neither does my partner). That choice alone allows me the freedom to leap without thinking of someone else’s welfare.

i understand that’s a privilege.

But also understand it’s a conscious decision i made.

And as important as those words, you can leap from where you are, were for me to hear, it is also equally important for you to hear that the choices i’ve made have allowed me to leap a little more freer than some.

The spirit of you can leap from where you are is that you already have everything you need inside you to make the leap from who you are to who you want to be.

Trust your intuition and self to know when the circumstance (both internally and externally) are right for YOU.

And then jump.

Because the whole point is not to die with the best of what you have to offer the world – and yourself – inside you.