Mars Retrograde 2020

Hello there friends!

Today, i wanted to quickly drop into your orbit and give a SHIT TON of resources (some are free some are not) about today’s Mars Retrograde.

There’s a lot of cosmic energy going on today but this one is a biggie because it only happens every 2 years and we’re dealing with the warrior planetthink aggression, heat, anger, and disruption. Heavy topics that have (and been having) real impact in our lives.

Think about it this way: Mars’ tarot card is the Towerperhaps one of the most feared cards in the Major Arcana due to its premise of unwanted (and total) destruction of life/structures as we know it.

Talk about radical change.

So there’s A LOT of disruptive energy that we are going to be feeling over the next 3 monthslike until November. This Mar rx energy is with us for a long time; so we need to try to understand, work with, and harness the warrior’s energy for the betterment of ourselves and all of humanity.

Because part of our jobs as humans who are awakening to our own potential, power, and creativity and our ability to use ALL OF IT to change the world, is understanding and working with the cosmic energy that surrounds us. Good or bad it’s there.

But we always have a choice in how that energy will play out in our lives. 

That’s what i’m asking us to do today, is make the choice to be aware and figure out small ways we can fold this energy into our lives.

Mars is going to ask us to rise up, dismantle, and re-imagine power structures that live both in our lives and outside them. 

So as part of your artistic and personal development practice this week, i’d like to offer many different lenses and resources in which to view, understand, harness, and integrate this comic energy. 

My top 3:

1. Free: Nadiya Shah’s Mars Rx horoscopes on YouTube

2. Mid-range: Chani Nicholas’ New Moon in Virgo/Mars rx workshop $28.  i’m obsessed with these workshops. i’ve been working with these since 2015 and they are OUTSTANDING resources to learn more about the energies of the moon.  

3. Investment: Mars Retrograde Jana Roemer  + 4 other guest teachers. It includes Reiki, yoga nidras, hour long+ sessions on the astrology. i’m excited to announce that i received a BIPOC scholarship for this work and i’m deeply grateful for Jana’s generosity and support of diversity within the astro/metaphysical realm. She’s also doing some free LIVES about the current astrology on INSIGHT TIMER. $196.72 including fees

All of these are awesome tools to help you work with today’s energyand really the energy over the next 3 monthsright around mid-November (but honestly we can feel the aftershocks of it well into December and the end of the year. 

i would suggest looking at the placement of Mars in your birth chart (mine conjunction the moon AND my Ascendent in my 1st House Leo) because that area of your life will be lit up and on display to you to unpack…

But also look at the house where Aries sits in your chart (9th w/my Mid Heaven) because that’s also going to be where the major action is. 

i felt pulled to share this and just had to record because astrology is a major tool i use to make sense of my life, my emotions and carve out an aligned path.

It’s been a (quiet & private) constant practice since i was a teenager. i’m now bringing it outward-facing (i.e to you) because it feels like a natural extension of the Big changes, work, and learning i am undergoing.

i can’t wait to share that with you in our next episode!

Make sure you check out the Show Notes below for more links to help you work with today’s energy!!

So much love, light, and cosmic wisdom to you today and always.


Show Notes:

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Free: Nadiya’s, Mars Rx

Mid-range: Chani’s New Moon in Virgo Workshop

Investment: Jana Roemer’s Mars rx: Aries Journey

Mars Retrograde Free Resources:

 Mooncircles: What happens when Mars goes Retrograde

Nadiya Shah, Mars Rx begins (YouTube videoscopes)

 Nadiya Shah, Power & Intense Change: Mars videoscopes 

Chani Nicholas A Note On Mars Retrograde

— Jana Roemer Free Insight Timer lives (just keep checking to see when the next one is scheduled)

Mars rx Paid resources, classes, workshops, & horoscopes:

— Jana Roemer Mars Retrograde: Aries Journey (This is what i’m using as my guide through the Mars rx.)

Nadiya Shah’s Mars rx horoscopes (so affordable! Only $2.99 a pop!!)

  New Moon in Virgo Workshop – Chani Nicholas


Get your birth chart Free Resources

 Astrodienst (get your extended chart to pick your house system. i use Whole Sign houses.) This is a cool resource because you can add the transits to your chart to see exactly what planetary transits are being made in your chart & where!

— Chani Nicholas Free Chart

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