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i feel like meditation is one of those tools that all the gurus, all the thought leaders preach. 

Which might have been one of the reasons i was resistant to it in the first place. i don’t like people telling me what to do. Well, that and the fact that the idea of sitting still for even just 5-minutes feels a bit like dying to me. 

Mediation was always something i knew i should doespecially because i am a doer a go go goer.  But i just didn’t do it. 

Until i did. And i did consistently. 

Over the last few years, i’ve written about my new found love affair with mediation and the Insight Timer app here and here, but what i haven’t really dived into is how mediation has helped me as an artist. 

Until right now in this episode.

Here’s how meditation helps my creativity and can help yours:

It grounds you in yourself. In your own body, your own mind, your own soul. So when you step on the stage or the page the voice you are hearing and expressing is your own. And therefore what you are creating, drawing or performing is the very best expression of yourself and the art that lives in you. 

That’s because mediation invites us to literally silence all the noise, the news, social media and step back into the beat of ourselves. Our own internal rhythm and voice. 

As artists, creatives, and humans in general, this is imperative if we want to “be badass,” express “big magic,” or live our best life. 

And i’m going to tell you something that no one else is telling you. 

Even meditating for one minute will help you tremendously. Think back honestly to the last you just were, breathing, doing, watching, or scrolling through nothing for a whole minute. 

That one minute has the potential to change your life and inspire your creativity more than NOT doing it. You will be no worse off for meditating for one minute. No one ever looks back on their life and is like, damn i wish i wouldn’t have spent all that time (1-minute) meditating. 

And you know what else? That one minute will probably more than likely organically grow into 5 minutes. And that 5 minutes might grow into 10. That’s what’s happening in my life. 

But then again it might not. All outcomes are okay. 

And another secret no meditation guru is telling you? The length of time doesn’t matter nearly as much as the consistency of it. It is better to mediation 30 days for one minute then just 10 minutes one day. 

It’s about creating a healthy habit not checking off a box. 

So today, give yourself a minute. 

And if that feels good give yourself a minute more. 

Give yourself however minutes feel good at the moment you are doing them. Not what felt good yesterday. Or what might feel good tomorrow.

Today right now. 

And when it stops feeling good. Stop.

It’s that easy. It’s relatable. It’s that easy to integrate into your day. 

And then wake up and do it all again tomorrow.

Make sure you check out the collection of my favorite meditations below.


Make sure to check out the Insight Timer tutorial i made specifically for this podcast. 

Especially, for you :).

i really hope you’ll give all this one damn good do.

Do or do not. There is no try.Yoda

i promise you it will change your life.

In love, light, stillness, and meditation


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