Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Today is National Coming Out Day.
Two big days that mean big things to me.
Yesterday, i decided to release part II of my interview with Lillith Grey for The Drag Show Podcast early because the topics we covered (online bullying, performance anxiety, and self-care) needed to be a part of the national conversation.
If you struggle with self-care or living with anxiety and mental health issues, these two episodes are JAMMED PACK with nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, an empowerment.
They are MUST listens when comes to starting to take better care of ourselves as artists and humans. You can listen to the episode below (but i HIGHLY recommend you listen to Part I on Mental Health and Trauma first. Listen here).


The Drag Show Podcast Episode #12: Online Bullying, Performance Anxiety, & Self-Care in Drag with Lillith Grey Part II


Today, i decided to rerelease my award-winning article, On Marriage, Being Gay, and Asking Your Born Again Parents For Their Blessing On Your (Gay) Marriage on Medium.



Because in our current-social political climate we need to hear and read about each other’s stories of perseverance and triumph over adversity.
It’s not easy being an out, loud, and proud only child queer with born-again parents. And if my story can help JUST ONE PERSON not feel so alone then it would have been worth it.
My hope is that either one or both of these things i created in love serves you in some way.
Happy National Coming Out Day.
Go forth in bravery, diversity, and self-love!