In July of 2016, i left my full-time job at Resource Center to go off and “make it on my own.”

Brandi on her last day at RC and her boss CEO Cece Cox on the 1st day of her sabbatical!

When i left, i wasn’t sure exactly WHAT making it on my own meant and what exactly it was that i really wanted to do. The only thing i knew was this: i wanted to be my own boss; i wanted to write; And i wanted to help my people (POC, queer, femme-identified) step into their power and create powerful things — art, writing, drag, creative business … whatever.

i’ve had a lot of false starts, a lot of failures, and just as many memorable wins.

The few people that have been on this journey with me know that i’ve made 2019 a Do or Die year for me, meaning: i’m either going to write this book i’ve been trying to write since i was 20; i’m going to help my people in ways that only i can; i’m going to put myself out there — ALL THE WAY OUT THERE, OR i’m going to find another path. <– And THAT is something i refuse to do. 🙅🏽‍♀️

Knowing this, i’ve consciously removed myself from many things that i have spent my entire life loving in order to focus on who i need to become to make all the above happen.

It hasn’t been easy. i’ve often been scared as hell, but i’ve also never been so fucking happy as i am now in the thick of becoming.

In my reprieve, i’ve discovered that along with drag and writing the only other thing i’ve ever wanted to do was teach.

So last year, i stepped into that role privately and “officially” became a creative + writing coach for mi gente. And i have NEVER felt so alive.

It is this vein and spirit of Do or Die, that i decided to make this shift public and to (finally) speak out loud my new truth that, in addition to always being a drag queen, i am a writer, teacher, and coach for intersectional, POC, queer, femme-identifying writers, creative entrepreneurs, & performers.

It’s what i’ve been doing this past year and what i’ve always, in non-formal ways, have done.

It’s also why i decided to get serious about creating a YouTube channel so i could share everything i’ve learned/am learning/will learn with you.

My goal was to release my channel today with 3 videos that aligned with my new movement and trifecta of personal truth — writing, creative entrepreneurship, drag. i got 2 uploaded. Not my goal, but two is better than none. <3

i’m sharing them with you now in hopes that they serve you in some way.


Video #1: How to find the time to do what you love 


Video #2: 5 big lessons drag has taught me about being a creative entrepreneur


i’m a pretty private person and being vulnerable in public is NOT my M.O. But nothing that will make us great ever is. 

And i’d rather step scared shitless into my greatness than walk behind it in the fear of what everyone else will think.


Happy Monday loves.

i love you all.


P.S. i hope you’ll subscribe to my new YouTube channel HERE and check out my 2 new videos on YouTube – they are the focus and promise of things to come.