adjective: queer; comparative adjective: queerer; superlative adjective: queerest

1.strange; odd.
she had a queer feeling that they were being watched”
synonyms: odd, strange, unusual, funny, peculiar, curious, bizarre, weird, uncanny, freakish, eerie, unnatural
antonyms: normal

We the people. We the queers.
We are being asked in this Aquarian new moon where we fit into the whole. How do we connect when tethers have been severed — either by our own hands or by the ink of others?
What has been tattooed upon us? Borders? Boundaries? Walls?
How do we remove ourselves from under the gun? How do we resist when we feel like we are sitting in the chair alone?
We rise. Together.
Not out of the same chair but of the same variety of cloth. All wood. Different structures.
We seek out others who have been inked upon in the same ways and rally in our togetherness — not sameness.
We march.
We enter into the darkness of the new moon only to find the torch that will birth our movement lives beneath our skin . . . ALL of our skin.
We build our resistance with our own bare hands — white, yellow, red, brown, black — by using them as bridges. Not ladders.
Interlaced. Middle finger. Fisted.
We are being asked what role do we want to play in the progressionĀ of our culture and planet as a whole?
Who do we need to be, but more importantly, what tribes do we need to connect to — in and outsides our selves — to make our vision of the world a reality?
New moon blessings in solidarity,


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