i’ve always been the kind of person who has to retreat into themselves, into their art for periods of time. This week has been one of those (although i feel like the entire month of August has been that way).
Reclusive. Reevaluating. Realigning. Redefining.
Something that you may not know about me is that i LOVE astrology & the night sky. My father used to take me outside and point out the constellations. We’d watch Hailey’s Comet through his telescope and my love of astronomy turned into a lifelong love affair with astrology and the moon.
This week i’ve been hunched over all my astrology books saying goodbye to what i planted under the Leo new moon and hello to the energy of today’s Virgo new moon.
i am a firm believer that our birth chart is the biggest self-development book, tool, guru we all already own.
Looking at my chart i saw how everything i’ve been feeling these last few weeks is aligned with what’s happening in the sky. This new moon lands in my natal Virgo 2nd house w/Saturn AND it’s conjoining my Sun and Venus in my 6th house. Meaning: the reshaping i’ve been feeling is all right there in the stars. As is the answer to my biggest conundrum i’ve been dealing with: What is it EXACTLY i want to do?
Of course, the answer is the very thing i’ve been avoiding and the one thing i already knew — writing. Books. Words.
i didn’t need the stars to tell me that. But it sure is nice knowing there’s a reasoning to my madness. Notice i didn’t say the cause because nothing can CAUSE anything to happen in our lives. Only we have the power to do that.
But the awareness of this cosmic energy & how it affects me feels a lot like sanity. Because now i see how i’m supported by the universe even when i feel & think i’m all alone trying to figure out this thing called life, and my meaning within it.
i’m not.
We are not.
i just needed you to know that.
i just needed to remember it. 


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New moon blessings to you all 🙂 🌚🌑


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