*This is an evergreen reading for those who chose the North Card. If you haven’t chosen a 2022 direction yet, please see this post FIRST for your most accurate  2022 oracle reading.


Inner child. Youth. Striking into the self to seer the best way through. Seer – Summer will also hold potent medicine for you. Merging with ancestors while simultaneously creating union and harmony for the next 7 generations. See the world and this next solar orbit with your child eyes. What held magic for you as a kid? How can you hibernate and do more and bring more of that wonderment into your life? Play. Give yourself space to dance with the joy, awe, and magic of what a gift this life–regardless of the circumstances–is. A Temperance of ancestors and your child self. 

What new ways of play and enjoyment can you bring to your work and life this year? Play hide and seek with the universe. Read and enact Pam Grout’s E Squared. Color. Dance. Let yourself move throughout the year in a youthful, rebellious, and invincible way. Your art, life, and soul will thank you.

Pay close attention throughout the year to the things, events, and people who make you feel like a kid again. They hold potent medicine. 




Use your voice, the power of your word to build the world and dreams that you dreamt of as a child. Read and embody throughout 2022, the first of the 4 agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, Be Impeccable with your word. How can you speak your world into being? What kind of magic are you wielding with your word? What frequency are you calling in with the cadence and sound of your voice?

Find new ways to use your voice. In what ways have you wanted to be vocal–maybe it’s about your own brand of magic, maybe it’s politics or injustice– but the idea of making your truth vocal scared you? Maybe you’ve been feeling called to write poetry–written language is the voice too.

This is your year to invoke your voice’s power. This is a big year of learning and unpacking how to speak up for yourself, your dreams, and your vision for the world.

Pay special attention to any sword cards that come into your life. They hold double of the medicine. 


What’s next…

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