One of the things i love most in the world is reading books. A lot of them. And most of the time, reading them all at the same time. At any given moment i am reading 3 to 5 books. i know for most people (especially “focus, attention, and presence” gurus) that’s a big no-no but i really don’t give a shit. Here’s how i see it: i have a bunch of different moods and reasons for reading and there isn’t a single book in the world that can satisfy all my needs at once. i, we, are too complex for that and i like having a few different books i can pick up depending on what mood (or intention) i’m in.

For example, here’s what’s on my list to read for March and why.


  1. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life¬†by¬†Anne¬†Lamott. Why i’m reading: because i want to be a better writer and hone my craft.
  2. Daringly Greatly¬†by Bren√© Brown. Why i’m reading it: one of my words for 2018 is “vulnerability” and this book is.all.about.that.
  3. If You Want to Write¬†by Brenda Ueland. Why i’m reading it: see reason #1. Plus this book is just overall fucking inspiring!! Highly recommend if you’re an artist of ANY kind.
  4. Wealth 101: Wealth is Much More Than Money¬†by Peter McWilliams.¬†Why i’m reading it: because i want to change my relationship with money on a physical and mental plane.
  5. The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations¬†by Oprah Winfrey. Why i’m reading it: personal development and spirituality are extremely important to me.
  6. House of Leaves¬†by Mark Z. Danielewski. Why i’m reading it: Its the only book i’ve never finished but WANTED TO. i didn’t finish it because it scared the living shit out me but now i’m¬†in a FaceBook book club and i (falsely) believe that there is safety in numbers.


  1. Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic¬†by Lisa Lister. Why i’m reading it: my magic side wants some attention too!
  2. Reading Like a Writer: A Guide For People Who Love Books and For Those Who Want To Write Them¬†by Francine Prose. Why i’m reading it: i want the way i read to be of service to my writing. This sounds like an awesome book to¬†help me do that!

i read because i want to be a better writer, communicator, co-creator of my life + experiences, and human. And because it makes me happy.

Last year, i discovered Goodreads and it completely changed my reading (and book researching) life. On Goodreads, i can keep track of what i want to read and why, organize them into bookshelves, write reviews, and keep track of what i’m currently reading and how many books total i’ve read for the year. This year i set my goal at 50 books and at the rate and speed in which i read i really feel like it’s doable.

The point is to do what you love in a way that feels right and makes sense for you. 

You, we, me, us are couture beings who are trying to fit our bold curves and differences into fast, one-size-fits-all (?) fashion. Not going to happen.

When you find something you love, throw away what everyone (gurus included) say and find a personalized system that works for you.¬†Just because it doesn’t work for others doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.¬†

So read as many books at once as you want. Work on as many different pieces of music that makes your soul sing. Write three different books on the same day if the inspiration moves you. Use four different planners and notebooks to plan your life.

Do your life, your way. 

Cheers to doing and living a multiplicitous life!