Today’s lesson . . .


 Simon the Oddball Shih tzu and Brandi Amara Skyy's high heels

Owning your own comfort.

Whatever, wherever, or however that may be.
In Simon’s case “owning his comfort” means face planting right into mom’s favorite pair of BCBG platform heels . . .
For me, that means not bringing any negativity (person, place, or thing) or drama (person, place, or thing) into my orbit. But it also means self care, taking much needed (physical) breaks from performing, and saying yes to things that ignite my creative spirit + soul and no to the things that don’t.
For you, it might be all of the above or non of the above.
The wisdom that Simon has so graciously shared with me today is that it doesn’t matter what your comfort looks like from the outside (i mean seriously, how comfortable can sticking your face – and sleeping – in my shoes be?!?!?), it’s how it feels to you.
You. And no one else.
No one knows what feels comfortable or is comfortable (or right) for you except you.
Because from one vantage point¬†(like the pic above) it would appear that you’re suffocating yourself . . . but from another vantage point (perhaps your own) you’re in total bliss.

2 Simon the Oddball Shih tzu and Brandi Amara Skyy's high heels
i mean blissed out does he look?
It felt good. He owned it.
Here’s to us owning our own comfort too!
Love, light + a life full of bliss,
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P.S. Simon is MUCH smarter than i. Want proof? Here’s Simon’s first oddball¬†lesson he taught me.