Scorpio season feels like Bear medicine to me.

Bear, the Ojibwe* direction of the North, Winter (of which i am a cardinal sign of), the elders, hibernation. Owl and wolf live here for me as well.

Scorpio season—especially held in the current Mars & Mercury Rx container—feels like a time to get my internal, my quiet, behind-the-scenes shit together. To research deeply into the heart of who it is i’m being. Becoming. Calling into my life.

It feels like a moment in time to turn to my elders, my familia, those who have already walked this path and lean into their wisdom a lot more. Much more. 

i feel a profound resonance to go deep. Swim deep. Transmute the deep. Into the quiet work of the soul. The work that on the inside makes me feel like all the galaxies, all the worlds, all the sky orbit within me.

i feel a call to play with my ancestors, to honor and learn from the dead, to seek out and deeply develop my relationship to duende.

Duende. Who, for me, also lives in the North, in Winter to teach me the art of surrender. Surrendering into something that is greater, bigger than myself.

i am ready to walk this path. Even though i do not feel ready for the destination or the up-coming November 3rd electoral power play, i will show up anyway.

To myself. To this work. To this uncovering. To this inquiry.

May this deep dive into Scorpio season enrich the texture of ALL our souls and birth new movements towards radical, inclusive, intersectional justice for the rest of us.


A few questions i am asking myself.

i share them in hopes that they offer a doorway, a guide into your own self-inquiry 🤗

1. What is my soul yearing to learn?

2. What am i feeling called to unearth from my past lives, my past experiences, adventures, and learnings to more deeply understand myself and connect with mi gente,  my people?

3. What is it REALLY that i’m trying to say? Create?

4. What shadows need to be awoken from the darkness and cast into the light?

5. How can i go deeper?

6. And how can i do this all in/with love and a flare of play, wonderment, and interconnectivity?

i hope these questions land and serve you in multi-dimensional ways.

Mucho mas 🖤💡✊🏾 as we venture into our underworlds, together.



* i am ever so grateful to Asha Frost, a mentor, teacher, guide, and friend for sharing her people’s medicine with me and so many others. i share it here in a loving, respectful, intersectional, and privilege-in-check spirit in which it was openly and gracefully shared with me. i honor the medicine’s roots as a doorway to my own. 🙏🏽