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i remember always finding these kinds of exercises (write a letter to your younger self, write a letter full of advice to teenage you, etc.) boring. Trite. A waste of my time.

But that’s because i wasn’t ready. 

So if that feels like you, then i suggest bookmarking this page until you are. (And honestly, you won’t really know if you’re ready until you’re actually IN the praxis work of writing. So maybe just stick around anyway. 🤷🏽‍♀️)

For those of you who’ve tapped in and feel like this is a good time for you, here are a few suggestions on how to get started—and how to untangle the magic to unearth your soul poetry.

1. Write the letter in your power time.

And by power time i mean, the time of day that you feel the most present. Most in your body. The most magical. The most aligned with the divine.

For me, that’s in the AM when i’m in the midst of my AM rituals. For you, that may be in the evening (my wife’s time of genius).

If you aren’t sure when your power time is, then this is your 1st order of magic—take the time to find your time. And then come back to this work. i promise it makes all the difference.


2. Try to be in the flow of creativity already.

i wrote my self-love letter on Day 10 out of  25 days where i committed to being expressive and sharing my work consistently.

Because i was already in the flow of creation, the words came through much more organically.

You don’t need to wait 10 days before you start writing, but give yourself some creative space to fully expand your expression wings.


3. Do a bit of freewriting before tackling this work.

Again, i wrote this about an hour after i did my Morning Pages. This freewriting allowed all the guck, muck, overthinking, and my inner critic to be out and silenced before i started on this writing journey.

Freewriting is an excellent way to tap into your subconscious and channel from the essence of you.


4. Gift yourself the grace of getting everything down first & Edit later. 

Again, this is why tackling this letter after you’ve had a session of freewriting is sooooo good—because your brain is already in non-editing mode.


5. let it be joyful, playful.

You are not begin graded on this work. No one EVER has to see it but you. And really the only person that matters if they see it is the YOU you are writing it to. And they will.

And they won’t care about your grammar or how many fancy words you used.


The only thing they care about is that you cared enough to show the fuck up and give them attention and hug via your heart, words, and reflection.


Happy soul-writing beautiful gente!

i’d love to hear in the comments how the letter-writing went for you!