New Moon in Scorpio Blessings (& a Challenge)

Last year under this new 🌚, i took a social media sabbatical. i committed to 29 days; it lasted just shy of a year.

In that year, under Scorpio’s guidance, i got deep. i got real—with myself, my life, my soul. The work and healing i am doing now are all rooted in that moment. And the truth is, WE ALL have access to those moments. We are ALL living under a sky, a cosmos of those kinds of radically transformational moments.

We are in one now.

A moment in our sky that is trying to tell, share, and empower us with so much and the question we need to ask ourselves is: am i listening? Am i ready to listen?

Because when we turn our ears to the sky, the earth, our internal landscape, we can begin to hear the nuances of life. OUR life. The life that we are born to live.

To hear it loud and clear we have to give something up. Sometimes it’s our inner shit talker. Sometimes it’s friendships that no longer serve us. Sometimes it’s social media.

♏️ reminds us that in order for us to transverse the underworld of society, politics, ourselves something must die. Sometimes it’s belief systems that no longer serve us—and sometimes it’s the system itself.

We all get to choose our own adventure in this life. Sometimes we may choose to stop reading. Sometimes we might choose a different book.

And sometimes we need to burn the book to the ground to arise from the ashes.

i invite you to do all of the above under this new moon.

And to join me in stepping away from social media—for at least 3 days (i’m doing a week)—to see what the sky 🌌 has to tell you.

To really dive deep into what you are hearing. And to root yourself in the ashes of what needs to die in order for you to really live.

i 🖤 you all! 🤗

i’d LOVE to hear how your week—or day, hour—without social media is going. Email me at and keep me posted on how it’s going!

New moon transformational blessings your way friends!




PS. For transparency purposes, i have a post scheduled later in the week 4 a contest. Just wanted y’all to know 🧐

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