July 27, 2022

New Moon in ♌️ Jupiter SR in ♈️ + Mercury ⬜️ Uranus

WOKE MAGIC PODCAST Ep.05 – An Evergreen The Wheel Tarot Reading For Light Leaders.

💫 SPELLCAST: May this moon & cast ignite the soul and sacred flame of each person who listens. May each of us and all of us be reborn as the Light Leaders we all are. And so it is. 🙏🏽

Transcript + Resources

New Moon in Leo 2022 guide to help us unleash the Light Leader in ALL of us.

Kismetly and magically enough, The Wheel, is the card i pulled the week of Jan. 27.2022)—the SAME WEEK that C and i unexpectedly signed our lease in Wimberley.

Through a series of events that felt more like riding a wave vs. paddling upstream, we had found ourselves in a cycle of movement—mental, physical, spiritual, and (as luck would have it) environmental too. 

We found ourselves on The Wheel of change. And when we went down to Wimberley to look for places to live, we weren’t really expecting to find anything (or at least i wasn’t anyway). It felt more like a…well let’s-just-go-look-to-look not a we-are-going-to-find-a-place-and-move-tomorrow. 

But as life often goes, and as The Wheel turns, once spinning like a rollercoaster taking off–there’s no way to stop it. 

The first day we went looking for a house and the first place we saw was the house that would become our new home. We signed the lease less than 48 hours after seeing it. 

Lady luck, Great Spirit, The Universe, God had delivered on the vision of the life we looking (and i was asking) for. The Wheel had spun in our favor. We had managed—without force, worry, or overwhelm—to find a dream home in town where everyone says it’s so hard to find a place to live. 

The Wheel of Fortune is all that–the series of events, choices, and actions we took before we got into the car to drive to Wimberley. And it is also the energy wave we rode when we got there–from seeing the place to sleeping on it, to signing the lease under the New Moon in Sagittarius. 

Ah Sagittarius, the sign of philosopher and adventurer whose planetary ruler is Jupiter. 

Jupiter’s, the great benefic, tarot embodiment is The Wheel. 

The Wheel, the card pulled today, when i/we/us once again find ourselves on The Fool’s precipe of change, of radically embracing our medicine + magic–our inner light–so we can finally embrace and BE the Light Leaders we came here to be. 

All things tie together if one is open to seeing how all threads interconnect. 

Through a series of events, situations, conversations, decisions, and actions “life” happens. But whether it’s to us, for us, or because of us is a matter of what our relationship to the divine, to flow, to luck is. Because the truth is The Wheel will turn with or without us. And the only thing that is more certain that change is this: how we choose to respond to change–embrace or resist it, see it as an opportunity to write our own story or become a victim of our circumstance–is wholly in our power. 

This is not to say that there are no real oppressive, systemic barriers, borders, and walls. There are. And folks like i, have met many of them. Folks like me are also devoted to breaking and burning down humxn made wheels that are built upon the sweat of our brothers/sisters/two-spirited/all-spirited, the scars on our backs, and the blood-memories of our ancestors. 

Another lesson of The Wheel: Some Wheels are meant to be broken.

But The Wheel of Life, The Wheel in the sky waits for no one–not even woke folks doing the work. 

And so when we are met with The Wheels of change how we choose to respond to the shifts determines the narrative arch of the next story we write next.

Because the truth is, when the opportunity to sign the lease on the house we both dreamed about when we started talking about moving to Wimberley, we had the agency, free will, and power to say No. 

We ALL have the potent power of personal agency to use our No just as intentionally and powerfully as our Yes. 

And, in all honesty and transparency, we probably should have said No based upon so many factors: my wife was still working for her previous employer, we had a 2 story 3 ½ bedroom house to pack (and make fit into a 2 bedroom less than 1000 square foot house), and we weren’t ready. 

And yet, we were. Because all our actions, wishes, and desires moved The Wheel and us towards this place. 

But had we said NO, we, ourselves (and our fear of drastic fast change, chaos, and asking for help) would have been the cog in The Wheel that forced stopped the momentum of the wheel we were riding. And how often do we do this? We ask the universe for things only to submerge ourselves in a sea of fear and resistance once it comes. Or because its arrival doesn’t look like anything we thought it would, or the emotions attached to it aren’t the most welcoming, rainbow, hearts, and teddy bear ones, we turn up our noses to it?

How often do we become the thing that blocks, stops, or halts our own progression? Our own momentum? Our own sharing of our light?

The answer for me is way too often–and always.

But instead of embracing a comfortable, logical, and fear-based No, we said an intuitive yes–before we were ready, before we were prepared, and waaaay before we thought we would. 

And The Wheel has shown up for us today to share this medicine–that all life is one giant mystery and when lady luck comes to visit, when one sees that ray of sunshine tethered to a dream one has asked for–we will fair better to embrace the energy of The Fool–the archetype who kicked off our Major Arcana adventure–than the fear-based comfort we are cozy wading in. 

Because faith, trust, and a strong sense of belief–in the universe but more importantly in oneself and personal power, are deeply woven into the fabric of both The Fool and The Wheel. And the reality of life–of a Wheel forever turning, is that, at any given moment, it can turn towards the end. Our inevitable end.

So why NOT ride the wave of The Wheel as far as it will take you? Why not say yes to the opportunity, the gift, the vision, the change that you asked for?

Why not choose the life you want to live, set the wheels in motion, and say a full-bodied YES when The Wheel turns in your favor?



Wheel in The Sky, Journey



The Wheel is The Medicine Wheel. The path that each one of us must tread if we are to fully embrace and live out our calling. The Wheel is a map of how we could get there. It’s not a direct linear path, but one of cycles, spirals, shifts, and changes. 

As we move into our light leader selves, it is important to ask ourselves what makes up the path in front of us? What are the walkways, obstacles, allies, medicine, and opposition we will meet along the way? 

As an embodied prayer and initiation onto your personal Medicine Path, take a moment to stand (or sit upright) and face each direction, calling each one in to lead, guide, and show you the way. Do this daily and the way for you will appear. 


Remember the knapsack you filled with tools at The Fools entrance? Revisit them now. Is this the same medicine bag you wish to carry forward? Or are there things you need to unload, shift, leave behind, unpack? 

We are going on an adventure. 

It’s time to light the way–for yourself first. And then others, once the path is paved. 

We thank you in advance for walking in the truth and light of you. 

Until next time 💃🏽❤️‍🔥

In Lak’ech,


🪄 For those unfamiliar with The Wheel Tarot card (or are curious about diverse interpretations of it), check out this image.

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Recap & Takeaways

🔮 Ignite yourself. Now is the time. Take a moment under this New Moon to choose your Wheel of Change. 

🔮 What path are you paving? What obstacles, allies, support, and medicine will you encounter along the way?

🔮 If you have the Summer WOKE MAGIC Grimoire, use pages 49 to help guide you deeper through this New Moon cycle.

🔮 Choices lead to chance. Chance leads to luck. All choices, chances, and luck are miraculous expressions of the Divine. Jupiter is here to aid you as you discover and find what fuels your sacred fire. Flame on, phoenix. 🙏🏽

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