WOKE MAGIC 👁🪄 Who we are. What we stand for. And how we can help you.

Since their June 15, 2021 birth into this world (👋🏽 Gemini/Sag/Leo), i’ve been in deep conversation withnot only what WOKE MAGIC wants to be—but more profoundly what i want bring, call, and usher in myself

i’ve been asking BIG questions like What did i come here to do? Why am i here? What do i want my legacy to be?

i find answers as i continue to create. 

All i know is that i want the world of WOKE MAGIC to be creative, magical, and fun. AND deeply transformative for myself–and the world. 

And unlike some of the other amazing, beautiful adventures i’ve had in my life—drag, writing, belly dancing, non-profit work, this time, i wanted to call in my WHOLE self to the table. All the pieces, fragments, shards, and parts that have never been shown in unison. The magician. The writer. The healer. The lover. The rebel. The deep radical thinker. The Hermit. The spell caster and wisdom-keeper. The activation of the Sacred Flame. 

Like all magic, it was only when i had successfully embraced, embodied, and enacted my whole self through ALL facets of my life, that WOKE MAGIC began to reveal itself to me.  

And now, on this auspicious magical day and angel-infused time, i’m deeply honored and excited to introduce you to the work and legacy, WOKE MAGIC. 🙏🏽

 👁🪄 IS…

WOKE MAGIC IS a portal of personal, creative, and life transformation through my signature system of Radical Personal Alchemy (RPA)

RPA is…

🔺 A guided process to de-domesticate and decolonize yourself so you can see(r) yourself in new ways
Reclaiming your agency by owning your experiences and alchemizing your life
🔺 Build your legacy through active faith and action so you can change your world and inspire others to do the same.  

 Or in heart words…

WOKE MAGIC is how “I change myself; I change the world” works in Real Life. 

Its the culmination of all my lived experiences as a queer, brown, indigenous, non-binary artist; my quest for wisdom and knowledge both in academia and out of it; my 37 years as a performer, artist, and creative; and my 20+ years as a mystic and magic maker, alchemized. AND made flesh through my creativity, art, and magic in WOKE MAGIC.

WOKE MAGIC is the whole of me, reflected in magic that is woke to itself, the world, the ‘isms,’ and A solution. Not THE solution. One solution. My oferta de solución. 

WOKE MAGIC is a coven, community, and collective space that centers Intersectional marginalized folx’s experiences (and our alliesboth current and emerging), voices, art, and magic.


Our services are based on 3 pillars we call in Radical Personal Alchemy, The Holy Trinity Of You: 

🔺 Self-knowledge.
🔺 Personal Agency.
🔺 Aligned Action. 

Specifically, our services spread out in 3 glorious ways: 

1. Our RPA services are designed to help you deepen your self-knowledge and root your personal agency via:
Tarot + Birth chart readings; the 2022 WOKE MAGIC grimoire; and the seasonal 3-month Praxis Portal coven; The WOKE MAGIC Libary (Launching Dec. 1).

2. Our Expression services are designed to help you alchemize your knowledge and personal agency into healing + art. Services include:
Seasonal (Winter/Summer) Creative Vision and/or Magic and/or Expression Strategy VIP Days; Tarot readings; The WOKE MAGIC Library (Dec. 1).

3. Our Legacy Building services are designed to help you formulate, create, and build your legacywhether that’s through a career in writing, performance, drag or starting your own soul-full & heart-centered business. Services include:
1:1 Biz and/or Legacy Career Strategy VIP Days; future mastermind coming in 2023. 

In addition to our service-based support, our HWIC (Head Witch In Charge) Brandi Amara Skyy, offers ongoing support via the Ko-Fi community, The 👁🪄 Library, and is the alchemist behind our upcoming apothecary in the online Bodega. 


In addition to the deep, personal work WOKE MAGIC does, our goal is to also serve our worldwide gente of Intersectional, Queer, BIPOC, Marginalized magic makers, writers, and artists by amplifying their mission and voice via WOKE MAGIC Press (specializing in metaphysical & bruja books and decks) and the WOKE MAGIC Foundation & Sanctuary. 

The vision is a world made sacred through the grant-funding of local, magical, and transformational marginalized artists and the creation of an animal and bird sanctuary, rehabilitation center, and house for abused, elder, and neglected animal allies that need our help. 


Ways to support the work:
    • Join our community! For $1 a month ($12 a year) you can support the mission, vision, and heartbeat of WM AND get access to our ever-building transformational community. And me! i pop in a lot and will be using our Ko-Fi community as my #1 place to teach, love, and share. 
    • Book (and share!) our services!
    • And even if you don’t want to be a member of our community, you can still make a one-time contribution to the work via our Ko-Fi. 
Non-monetary ways to support the work:
    • Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
    • Share the love. As in sharing our videos, shop, site, and vision with folx that need it. We cannot do this alone. We need you and your help. 🙏🏽
    • Join our newsletter. It’s free. And it will be an ongoing source of art, love, and magic in your inbox. 

Plus when you sign up now, you’ll be getting in on the magic at the absolute best time—it’s beginning. All members who join our newsletter, purchase our products, or book our services in our first year (11.11.21 – 11.11.22) will be considered founding members of our WOKE MAGIC School Of Mystery & Magic and will be showered with love, extra special bonuses + access, discounts, and other surprise love bombs as we continue to grow. 


i’m deeply and radically committed and bound to the vision, mission, and movement of WOKE MAGIC and all the people, planets, and elemental + animal allies it calls me to serve. 🙏🏽

To fulfill my mission, i am binding myself to the following shifts:

🔺 When you sign up for our museletter, you’ll receive monthly medicine emails exploring the astrology, tarot, and energies (including elemental + animal allies) of the month. These are written to help you harness and attune to the current universal energies so you can infuse your life, work, and creativity with natural magic. 

🔺 WOKE MAGIC Podcast released 2x a month (for now) on the New & Full moons beginning on my bday new moon in Capricorn January 2nd. The vibe of the podcast is interviews with my teachers & fellow changemakers, potent teachings, readings, spell casting, and the attunement of everyday magic. Get early & exclusive access by joining our Ko-Fi community at the $1 – $10 level. 

🔺 All public spaces—including my social mediawill shift to embody and share my company’s message. All my feeds are going high vibe with the focus on being a part of the solution without bypassing our very real marginalized experiences. We can hold both. WOKE MAGIC i/we/us are going to prove that and show you how you can hold both/and too. 

If all this growth, magic, and radical transformation is not your vibe, no worries friend! 🤗

i am not for everyone. But chances are neither are you. 

May we part as friends who still love each other but have outgrown one another 🙏🏽 May you be blessed. May you be successful. And may you find the folxs who ignite, hold, and expand your vision of magic. 

And so it is! 



We celebrate WOKE MAGIC’s fullness, intention, and arrival on Friday with our very first popup dance class!! 

The partay 🥳 goes down at 1pm CST and there will be a replay available for 30 days! Join the celebration by reconnecting and celebrating your WOKE MAGIC temple, your body 💃🏽. Grab your dance ticket HERE

As one of my favorite guides to channel, David Bowie, croons,  LET’S DANCE!