Anger, hate, and racism. Why what happened in Charlottesville was hard.

  Yesterday was hard.   Hard for a lot of reasons.   Hard because i felt like i was living in the 50’s and 60’s in years and decades where segregation existed.   Hard because everything i saw in the news, on my Facebook and Twitter newsfeed was full of hate and bigotry. The smallness of minds that will never… Read more →

Defy A Podcast by Brandi Amara Skyy

How to work for yourself: Six secrets i learned in my first year of being my own boss (& a podcast!)

This day last year, i took a leap of faith. A big one.   And since, i’m sitting here at my desk in my home office it’s safe to say that my leap didn’t kill me. Was it hard? Absolutely? Did i feel at times like i wanted to die? Yep. Was it a struggle? More than it wasn’t. But was it the… Read more →

i want to show you my brave: valuing your becoming over your arrival.

i feel this absence from my blog and online writing space more this time than any others because, ironically, i’ve been doing a lot more writing — on my book, for others, online — just not for my people here or my newsletter. That’s because i see these spaces as scared. Unlike the spaces i write for online and in print,… Read more →

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