All new 30-day Instagram drag challenge!

In 2014, i created the first 30-day Instagram drag challenge and it was sooooo much fun! So why not bring the communal drag fun back?   In case it wasn’t obvious enough, All Hallows Eve is my favorite time of the year and drag is my favorite creative expression . . .  So, i thought LET’S COMBINE THE TWO! And ta-da! Our latest… Read more →

On opinions, writing, and pissing people off: 8 Things i learned from my 1st BET article

On Saturday my first opinion piece for BET went live into the world. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is: It snowballed into something way bigger than i could have ever fathomed.   My wife told me not to read the comments or all my Twitter and Facebook notifications; i didn’t listen. Partly because i was curious… Read more →

Anger, hate, and racism. Why what happened in Charlottesville was hard.

  Yesterday was hard.   Hard for a lot of reasons.   Hard because i felt like i was living in the 50’s and 60’s in years and decades where segregation existed.   Hard because everything i saw in the news, on my Facebook and Twitter newsfeed was full of hate and bigotry. The smallness of minds that will never… Read more →

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