A tale of two poets: Me + Mark Z. Danielewski – World Poetry Day 2017

Happy World Poetry Day!   In celebration and communion, i’ve decided to do something i’ve NEVER done before . . . share one of my poems (EEP!).   Poetry has always been very personal to me . . . something i’ve only shared with a handful of people — READ: all lovers.   But if there was ever a day… Read more →

ASK: Business, art, creativity and politics — to blend or not to blend?

Question:   I run my own art-based business and I’m very politically conscious. Because of all that’s going on in the world — the wall, women and trans rights coming under fire, the travel ban, I’m finding it really hard not to let my personal opinions and beliefs seep into my business.   My question is, do you think there… Read more →

Want to make art forever? You have to put your health first. Always.

i’ve been sick for over a week.   It started with an itch in the heart of my chest two Thursday’s ago. That night it moved into a 103 fever that stayed with me for two days. The fever morphed into sweat and chills, major phlegm congestion, a fever again, and then finally this cough that i can’t seem to… Read more →

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