OMG! My first book, How To Be A Drag Queen, is FINALLY GETTING A PUBLISHING RELEASE DATE (May 1, 2019!

i saw my first drag queen at 16, i had no idea where it would go nor all the amazing and unforgettable opportunities, experiences, friendships, and love it would open and introduce in my life.

i also never believed that i could possibly love anything as much. Enter writing.

The truth is i’ve always been both — someone who loves deep reflection, connection, and words as much as they love the spotlight and pounding heartbeat of the stage.

This past weekend i celebrated my 5-year USofAversary as the 1st Miss USofA Diva.


And i did it in quiet reflection alone because, much like that 16-year-old girl who after seeing her first drag queen dreamt unrealistic dreams of someday being crowned a USofA queen and set out to accomplish that goal however impossible it felt at the time, this 41-year-old had new drag dreams to birth, to shepherd into the world.

Two big ones. Both of which, kismetly, are coming true on the 5year anniversary of achieving that first big and impossible goal.

Today i am sharing the first one. A book. A book that lies in the intersection of everything i love: drag, writing, and helping others live their truth and express their art.


My New book

How To Be A Drag Queen: A guidebook for female drag queens and emerging drag artists, is being published May 1st and i couldn’t be more elated, grateful, and humbled to share my love and lessons i’ve learned about drag (and life in it) with the world.

Today is the first day of preorders. And if you preorder the book before midnight April 15th, you’ll not only get 25% off the list price of $19.99 but you’ll also get lots of extra-special goodies including a signed copy, stickers, book bonuses, and a free e-book.¬†

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Your support would mean the world to me.

And support means more than purchasing the book — although i would absolutely LOVE THAT! But you can also show your support by sharing the book and this blog post with your friends and fellow future drag artists.

Speaking of support…

There are a few people that i’d like to publicly thank because they have been with me since day 1 on this journey. And their faith in me and my ability was sometimes the only thing that kept me going. Dana Barber¬†and¬†Devin Dame,¬†thank you. This is just the beginning and wherever i go i am taking you both with me.

My parents who have both shown me how to achieve my dreams and goals in love and in service.

But most importantly my wife. Candace Collins everything i have promised you, everything i said i was going to do and create for us, this is where it begins. This is where it all starts to come true. You are the biggest reason i am here right now. You are my biggest dream come true. i love you. Forever.

And of course, you. You beautiful souls who have supported me and been here in my inbox, my blog, and in my life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

And don’t forget if you want 25% off the list price of $19.99 + lots of exclusive goodies and bonuses preorder your copy of¬†How To Be A Drag Queen before midnight April 15th! Click HERE to find out more. Or click on the banner below!