Hello again future artist!

Welcome to what is perhaps one of my¬†favorite¬†Binge Boxes — Getting Started & Overcoming Obstacles!

Helping people get started DOING their art is my sweet spot! 

Whether you’re a writer, a drag artist, a budding creative entrepreneur … OR WHATEVER!, below you will find a collection of all my best videos, articles, & resources to help you get started!

Grab a beverage and get ready to get your START & SLAY ON!

Let the binging begin!!

Get Your Mind & Confidence Ready

1. Blog: How bad do you want it? The difference between impossible and unlikely.

2. Blog: Don’t know what makes you special? Here’s a living collection of your uniqueness.

3. Blog: 46 reasons you need to do/write/create {insert your dream here} NOW!!!!!!!!!

4. Free Download: Create. Be. Do YOU! A Deluxe FunPack. In here you will find loads of worksheets, resources, & questions to help you get clear on who you want to be as an artist (and a person!) & your dream/art!


Getting Started

Now that you’ve stepped into your queenness & are ready to slay, the collection below will help you get going on¬†doing¬†your art.

Overcoming Obstacles & Going Further


Obstacle #1:¬†Time as in,¬†“I don’t have enough time!”

1. Free Download: Again, i am going to point you to this invaluable freebie, The Start Your Art Challenge. Why? Because this bad boy right here proves that getting started and making art doesn’t have to be a huge uproot-your-routine-and-life deal.

For the love of drag, DOWNLOAD IT AND USE IT!

2. Blog + Video: How to find the time to do what you love.


Obstacle #2:¬†Self-Doubt as in, “I’m not good enough.”¬†

1. Free Download: Create. Be. Do YOU! A Deluxe FunPack!

2. Blog: Don’t know what makes you special? Here’s a living collection of your uniqueness.


Going further

1. Set goals. Watch this BTV video: Goal setting aka how to achieve your goals in 3 steps

2. Mini-training video series. Branding for artists & performers. Start getting clear on the who, what, and why of your art. This 5-part video branding mini-training will help you write your mission statement, find your own brand of glam, & help you rule the world (your world that it is!)

What To Do, Where To Go Next!

Here are a few ideas of where to go and what to do next. 

1. Don’t just glance over this page, PICK ONE video, article, resource & DO IT. Put it into practice. (i STRONGLY suggest The Start Your Art Challenge.)

2. Share what you are doing with the world (even if it’s not perfect)! Share a photo of your words, art, or drag mug on Instagram! (And don’t forget to tag me so i can see what beautiful things you are creating! Instagram @brandiamaraskyy

3. Need an extra boost or looking for more personalized help? Helping people get clear, get started, and get going on their art is my super sweet spot! Snag a 1:1 1-hour power hour mentoring session with me. Email me at brandi@brandiamaraskyy.com to get started!

4. Sign up for my mi gente letters, my a-few-times-a-month newsletter for artists & creatives like you where i share stories, inspiration, tools, and advice on navigating the artist life!



Wherever you go from here, i hope that you are getting started RIGHT NOW on that one thing you’ve been promising yourself you were going to do for years.

Do it.


It only takes 5-Minutes.

Mucho mas love, light, and starting energy,