Art, Love, & Woke Magic Podcast ep. 22

Manifest: 9 Pillars of Manifestation

September 6, 2023 Last Quarter ♊️

Brandi Amara Skyy,
Book, Creative, & Transformation Coach & HWIC

Welcome to an entirely NEW way of manifesting!

And welcome to my new free manifesting book: Manifest: The 9 Pillars of the Woke Magic Manifesting Way!

Manifest is manifestation on a radically representational, deeply personal, & intersectional of Air & Earth (Spirit & Praxis) level.

And it’s the exact manifesting method i’ve used to manifest . . .

      • Becoming a drag queen
      • Winning Miss Diva USofA
      • Quitting my day job to go full time creative
      • Publishing contracts
      • And pretty much everything else that’s magical in my life.

Now, i’m sharing it with you for free.


Because i radically believe in your agency, power, and desire to be proof of what is possible—for yourself, your community, your ancestors, and the world.

And because, if you’re anything like me, you’re tired of seeing your very real experiences of oppression and marginalization glossed over by the ONLY-HIGH-VIBES-ALLOWED TRIBE.

Do i believe you need to be in a frequency and state of feeling good to manifest your Wild Dreams? YES.

But do i also believe that you can hold the truth of your life, situation, and circumstances and still be high vibe? Abso-fucking-lutely!

That’s what this book isthe intersection of Spirit and Praxis, real life and our Wild Dream one, and a place where the complexity, messiness, and nuances of being a spiritual being having a humxn experience can co-exist.

i know it’s possible because i am proof of itand so are the folxs that i share in this book.

👉🏽 Download the book now & learn

    • What Wild Dreams Are + examples of folxs like us who are living them
    • What yours are
    • 9 Pillars of the Woke Magic Way of Manifesting 
    • What each of the 9 Pillars mean
    • A plethora of ways you can begin to alchemize each step into your life right now.

Plus, i recorded a special audio/video podcast to help you dive deeper into the first 3 Pillars.

Watch it or Listen 👇🏽



      • The science, art, & magick of making something real
      • A tool in ALL our toolboxes
      • Where Spirit meets your Spiritual Will & your beliefs of what is possible
      • Accessible to ALL.
      • A skill you can learn, hone, & grow.
      • Magick made flesh.
      • Most simply, what creativity itself iscreating something out of nothing.

We are ALL manifesters. Some of us just have a little more praxis because the tools have been more accessible.

But in my free book, Manifest: The 9 Pillars of Manifestationi make them available to you too 🙏🏽


Manifesting Queendom since birth.


1. Download your free book here

2. Set aside 20 to 45 minutes to work through the book. 

3. Answer the journal prompts and get clear on what you’re manifesting.

4. Follow and implement the 9 steps in order by choosing one or more of the praxis examples for each step.

5. Stay the course until you get what you want. 


Before you head out and do whatever your regular scheduled programming is, put THE BOOK YOU JUST DOWNLOADED INTO ACTION!

It’s THE most important thing you can do. 

i can give you the tools, but you need to do something with them to build the life, business, dream, and/or world that you love. 

Do it now. 

 A yearhell 5 days from nowyou’ll be so grateful you did. 

You got this. i love you. i believe in you. 

in lak’ech,


  • How To Find Your Life Purpose. Read this if you find yourself stuck at ground zero and not really knowing WTF you were meant to do. (Fair warning: i’ve got a radically different–and much needed–perspective. Enter at your own paradigm shift risk 😉)
  • What is a Sacred Creatrix? Now that you know how to manifest, learn how to step into who you need to BE in order to bring your Wild Dreams into fruition. 
  • Monthly Medicine Tarot Reading: 9 of WandsListen to this if you want to dive deeper into how you can start to trasmute your pain into your power and create boundaries for your new Wild Dream Life. 


And make your Wild Dreams come true? 

For the first time ever, i’m offering a 90-day 1:1 coaching container at an exclusive beta rate to help you put the 9 Pillars of Manifestation into praxis & build your Wild Dream life.   

We begin on the Fall Equinox. 
And 1:1 coaching spaces are limited to 7. (And two spaces have already been filled.)