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What is a Sacred Creatrix?

May 19, 2023 NM ♉️

Brandi Amara Skyy,
Spiritual + Creative Mentor & HWIC

What is a Sacred Creatrix? Art witch. Art magic. Spiritual artivism. Spiritual art. 

And also…you. 

Because chances are if you felt pulled to read this, then you are seeking something deeper than mainstream understandings of art, magic, and creativity. 

You are seeking real magic, radical expression, and dope creativity. 

And i’m here to tell you can have that—you are that—and more! 

You are the Sacred Creatrix of your life, your experiences, and yourself. 

i can hear you screaming at me through your screen: Great information, Brandi. But what the fuck does that actually mean?

i get it. 

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard these beautiful spiritual soliloquies that speak to my poet soul but don’t necessarily translate and connect to my Capricorn Sun desire to get practical about it and apply said soliloquy to my life.

And so this week, i want to share with you exactly what i mean by giving you a sneak peek into the mentorship call i did about What is a Sacred Creatrix for my Sacred Creatrix Coveners.

And if you LOVE the idea of cultivating the Sacred Creatrix in you, then get on the waitlist to enter our SC liar when the doors open again in June!

👉🏽 Watch now & you’ll learn

    • How to get clear on what a Sacred Creatrix is . . . & why you’re one!
    • What your sacred creation process is.
    • How i create a spiritual connection with everything i create (& how you can too!)
    • How you can create change & lead from your creativity (art), passions (love), & medicine (magic).




      • An Art Witch – is someone who uses their creativity to deepen their relationship to their magic and vice versa. 
      • Someone who wants to stand in and create from their power
      • Not afraid to do the work and understands how to harness the power of their Sacred Self-Expression
      • Solution-based creators, leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and makers who ask questions, seek answers, and create new innovative possibilities that extend beyond the present problem(s)
      • Use their creativity, passions, and magic to lead, i.e. create the change they wish to see.
      • A firestarter – is someone who lives by their passions and Sacred Creative Flame.
      • Someone who isn’t afraid to go there. To be challenged. To get uncomfortable, check their privilege, and continuously learn and remain open to doing better. 

But more importantly, Sacred Creatrix is available to ALL of us. 


My life journey and relationship with Sacred Creatrix. 


The first point of connecting to them is awareness which you’ve already accomplished just by reading this. 

The second point is to take some kind of action. 

Here are a few actions you can do right now…

1. Drop down to the Now it’s all you boo section and DO the deepening inquiry.

2. Get on the Sacred Creatrix Coven waitlist to get exclusive early bird bonuses and magic when doors reopen June 2023! 

3. Or if you’re feeling fired up and READY TO CREATE, download my free 5 Minute Magic Method: How To Start Creating NOW!  book!


Before we close out, i want to the #1 question i get asked by newbie witches, creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs (and really anyone who is seeking to create something from the intersections of their lives…) 👇🏽 


i’ve found the answer within the not-so-glamorous task of the actual doing, i.e. the practice or praxis, of the craft of magic and creativity. And in total transparency, there really is no other way to truly understand how they are intricately linked without actually taking oneself through the process of both. 

But i can share the few consistent gems i’ve gleaned from over 30 years of creating, living, and manifesting from the intersection of the two:

1. Both require vast amounts of self-trust, belief, and leadership (as in, we have to lead ourselves via our mindset, habits, and disciple through any and all obstacles if we are actually going to finish what we start.

2. Both require a deep understanding of how our instincts and intuition talk to each other— and to us. 

3. Both require a devoted blind faith in the process. We not only have to trust the process but trust who we are now and who we are becoming while we are in the midst of either or. 

And both require us to adopt an energy and/or archetype that intrinsically and organically bridges the two. This is the bridge that Sacred Creatrix thrives on!


Before you close out this tab and go about your life, take a moment to actually apply what you’ve just read and learned to your life. 

Here’s how:

Grab your Woke Magic Grimoire (or your favorite journal) and answer the following question i asked my Coveners to answer in the Mentorship video above.

Deepening Inquiry 
What does Sacred Creatrix mean to you?

Whatever you answer, set an intention to do at least one of what you wrote down TODAY. And then hit me up on Insta to tell me about it!! i LOVE SUPPORTING MI GENT IN DOING THE WORK! 

Then congratulate yourself; because you are further along your path than whence you came. 

You got this. i love you. i believe in you. 

in lak’ech,


  • How To Find Your Life Purpose. Read this if you find yourself stuck at ground zero and not really knowing WTF you were meant to do. (Fair warning: i’ve got a radically different–and much needed–perspective. Enter at your own paradigm shift risk 😉)
  • Monthly Medicine Tarot Reading: The MagicianListen to this if you want to dive deeper into how you can start to become the Sacred Creatrix of your life. 

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